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Welcome Kathryne Kennedy, author of BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS

Yes, I do have favorites.  Like every other writer, I am a reader first.  I love a good story.  I really love a great one and Kathryne Kennedy delivers that again and again.  Her fresh voice and vivid imagination always leave me in awe (and scratching my head thinking, how in the world did she think of that?????)

That said, it's no surprise that I beg Kathryne to put me on her blog tour when she has a new release and kind soul that she is, she always says yes.  So without further ado, please welcome Kathryne and read about BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS which hits bookshelves this week.  Take it from me, it's a colorful, lush romance set in a world of it's own!

Don't forget to check out the details below....there's a give away!


Hello to Erin, and to all her readers!

It’s great to be back here at your blog as a guest today. My publisher is giving away two copies of Beneath the Thirteen Moons (U.S. & Canada addresses only) to two lucky commenters today, so be sure to leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

I’m here to celebrate the re-release of my very first book, Beneath the Thirteen Moons, available now in mass-market paperback. I’m often asked how I came up with the world, so I thought that I’d post the recipe for my world-building today just for fun.

Recipe for Building the World of Sea Forest

By Kathryne Kennedy

Take a dash of Tarzan, who lives within the canopy of the jungle.

Reserve the land, adding heaping amounts of water to cover the world, so that all life is forced to exist and survive within the ocean trees.

Sprinkle in a touch of Venice, with waterways instead of roads.

Cover it with thirteen moons, so that the tidal pulls cause different directional currents within the waterways of the trees.

Add a touch of magic to help the colonists survive on this hostile planet, in the form of zabbaroot, which only some humans can tolerate. But if they can, it allows them to See, Push, and Change elements at the molecular level.

Fold in a gorgeous aristocracy who are genetically inclined to tolerate the zabbaroot--and use it to maintain power in the world.

Mix in a dash of a wild genetic streak, that allows an occasional peasant or two to use zabbaroot, to an extent surpassing even the royals of the planet.

Blend in natives to the planet, with their own goals and ideals, including a little monk-fish named Jaja who is comical and yet has a deeper purpose toward mankind.

Heat it up to smoking hot when Mahri, a swamp-dweller and smuggler of the zabbaroot, kidnaps Korl, the crown prince of Sea Forest.

Serve with a drizzle of chocolate. There’s nothing better than romance and chocolate…okay, maybe a few things, but not many. ;}


He's a ruler in a divided world...

In a magical watery world of the Sea Forest, the divide between the rulers and the people is an uncrossable chasm. Handsome, arrogant prince Korl Com'nder has lived a life of luxury that is nothing more than a fantasy to the people he rules. Until the day he is accidentally kidnapped by a beautiful outlaw smuggler and is forced to open his eyes to the world outside his palace walls.

She's an outcast, but at least she has her independence...

Mahri Zin would stop at nothing to save her village, and when they needed a healer she didn't think twice about kidnapping one. But when she realizes that the healer she so impulsively stole is none other than the crown prince of Sea Forest, Mahri knows that she has a chance to change the fate of her people...


Kathryne Kennedy is a multipublished, award-winning author of magical romances. She’s lived in Guam, Okinawa, and several states in the U.S., and currently lives in Arizona with her wonderful family—which includes two very tiny Chihuahuas. She welcomes readers to visit her website where she has ongoing contests at: http://www.kathrynekennedy.com/.


Barnes and Noble




Kathryne’s Bookseller Directory

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Are you there world? It's me, Erin

Lordy, the last few months have been insane.  I usually feel like I'm on a dead run, but lately it's been more like a flat out run-for-my-life!!!!  After a big of burn and churn, HAUNTING DESIRE is finally in the can.  The next time I see it will be for a final proofing.  I'm really excited about this one hitting the shelves on April 4, 2011, even though--or especially because--it has consumed so much of my life.

For those of you who have asked, my friend and sister author Tina Gerow is doing much better and we're all hoping for a full recovery!  It will be a long, arduous (and no doubt expensive) journey back to good health, but thanks to all who have already opened their hearts and wallets to Tina.  If you find you have an extra dollar or two, please think of giving this season.  You can find more informtion here.

And then there are the holidays!  I'm trying to keep my spirit energized for the approaching weeks.  As I look around, I can't help but see just how truly blessed I am.  I have my health, my family, and the opportunity to tell my stories.  I am so fortunate.

Hope you'll check back on Wednesday when I host the fabulous Kathryne Kennedy.  She's got a new release, BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS, which is a wonderful trip into her amazing imagination.  One of my favorite of her books.  There's a giveaway......

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A friend in need.... Please help

Please help: Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan has been taken suddenly and seriously ill. She has an affliction called Arteriovenous malformation or AVM in her brain which has led to multiple surgeries and an extended stay in ICU. No family is ever prepared for such a thing and Tina's is no exception. In times like this, every dollar helps and her friends in the writing community are banding together to ask you to open your hearts (and wallets) to help get Tina's family through this.

Tina is well known to readers and authors across the country who have embraced her books, most recently, (writing as Cassie Ryan) SEDUCING THE SUCCUBUS (Berkley/October 2010) and coming in April 2011, THE DEMON AND THE SUCCUBUS.

Please send your prayers, positive energy and love out into the universe with Tina's name on it. Cards can be mailed to: Tina Gerow, c/o SBP PO BOX 42255, Phoenix, AZ 85080.

Any donations you would like to make to Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan to help with the burden of mounting medical bills, can be given by visiting: https://sites.google.com/site/tinagerowandfamily or by sending a check to Tina Gerow, c/o SBP PO BOX 42255, Phoenix, AZ 85080.

If you have a blog, website or newsletter, please help us spread the word!

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Mark Your calendars!

On November 20th, DESERT ROSE RWA will be putting on their FIFTH ANNUAL FREE FALL WORKSHOP  (Yep, you read that right!  Free!)  And check out who's going to be there!

Come enjoy one of the most talked about free workshops in the West, presented by our very own Desert Rose volunteers. We are privileged to have some of the top-selling authors in the nation in our membership, so come see what the fuss is all about and learn from our industry professionals. The stellar line-up includes: Christina Skye, Jennifer Ashley, Tara Taylor Quinn, Laurie Schnebly Campbell, Denise Domning, Donna Hatch, Gini Koch, Annette Mahon, Cathy McDavid, Erin Quinn, Vijaya Schartz, Amber Scott, and Kris Tualla. Please check back later for a complete listing of workshop times and descriptions.

  • When:  November 20, 9am - 4pm
  • Where:  Scottsdale Civic Center Library, 3839 N. Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Who:     Christina Skye, Jennifer Ashley, Tara Taylor Quinn, Laurie Schnebly Campbell, Denise Domning, Donna Hatch, Gini Koch, Annette Mahon, Cathy McDavid, Erin Quinn, Vijaya Schartz, Amber Scott, and Kris Tualla
  • For more information:  http://libcat.scottsdaleaz.gov/record=g1002975&searchscope=3&SORT2=R
Hope to see you there!!!!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome debut author Kris Tualla

I love having new authors on my site and Kris Tualla should feel the warm welcome coming her way, because I'm excited to have her.  Kris's debut novel, A WOMAN OF CHOICE, is an intriguing tale of history, set in Missouri in the 1800s and featuring a Viking hero.  I asked Kris to blog about her hero, Nicolas and I think you'll like what she had to see.  There's an excerpt at the end that you'll want to read.  And, of course, there's a giveaway.  A free download of A WOMAN OF CHOICE if you leave a comment!


It happened on a damp April day, 1819, in the Missouri Territory.

When I first met Nicolas Reidar Hansen, I was struck by his size: six-four and two-fifty of solid muscle. Then he looked at me and I saw his beauty. Classic Nordic features, long hair the color of sunlit straw, and intense navy blue eyes. When he spoke, it felt like thunder on a bright autumn day.
But something was missing. Life. I soon realized that the death of his wife, six years earlier, had effectively killed him as well. Though well-educated and world-traveled, Nicolas was still a romantic at heart. He believed his one and only chance at true love died with her.

On that chilly day, Nicolas had just rescued a badly injured woman on his property. His intent was to get her out of his house as quickly as possible, before her presence disrupted the carefully arranged details of his world; details which kept him numbed to the pain caused by all he had lost.
But circumstances made that impossible. She was going to have to stay a while - and it wasn't in her nature to stay quietly. Every challenge, every glance, every laugh, and every touch stirred parts of Nicolas that had long laid dormant. Slowly, he opened himself to her. He began to see possibilities. He began to feel again. He began to hope.

Her situation, as it turned out, was much worse than his. But she challenged him even so: did he have the courage to live his life?

The love of a strong woman makes a man. And it remakes a broken one. Nicolas grows over three volumes to be more than he ever would have been, more than he ever dreamt he could be. Into the man he was destined to be: a true hero in every sense of the word.

And all because a strong woman loved him.

I love him. I think you will, too.

Keep reading for an excerpt from A WOMAN OF CHOICE


The dogs wouldn’t come back. They yowled and yipped and danced around a muddy heap of fabric lumped beside the receding rain-swollen creek.

“Can’t you control those mutts, Rick?” Nicolas Hansen growled. Irritated, he reined Rusten toward the hounds and wondered which particular Cheltenham resident upstream had seen fit to discard their curtains into his creek. But when he got close, his gut twisted.

The heap had hair. Long, black, tangled hair.

Nicolas threw himself from the gelding. “Rick! Get over here!”

He knelt beside the crumpled and filthy form. His knees sunk into the chilled creekside mud and the roar of the tumbling water almost drowned the roar of his pulse. He stretched his hand over the still figure and hesitated, hoping for some sign of life. There was none. He gently turned the body toward him.

She exhaled a faint moan.

“It’s a woman, Rick!” Nicolas called over his shoulder. “And she’s alive!”

His gaze skimmed the woman’s mud-smeared face. Dark brows slanted from a bruised temple. Their arches flanked a straight nose with a nasty bump. Her lips were blue and the lower one was split and bleeding. That was a good sign. It meant her heart was beating.

“Å min Gud…” Nicolas moaned. He yanked his hunting dirk from its sheath and held it over the woman’s skirt.

He hesitated again, weighing the ramifications to himself—and her—if he cut away her clothing. But he knew he couldn’t balance her on his horse anchored as she was by yards of mud-saturated wool. In Nicolas’s personal economy, saving her life far outweighed saving their reputations.

If he wasn’t too late already.

Rickard’s voice spilled over his shoulder, “Wrap her in this.” A blanket nudged his arm.

Nicolas nodded his acknowledgement. He severed the full skirt from her bodice in a few quick strokes. He left her chemise intact and his gaze didn’t linger on her bruised and bare legs. He rolled her into the blanket, stood with her cradled in his arms, and faced Rickard.

“Hand her up to me,” he said as he transferred the woman into his best friend’s sturdy grasp. Rickard accepted the burden without pause.

Nicolas mounted his tall gelding and leaned down to gather the limp bundle. He shifted a bit until he felt both he and the woman were secure on Rusten’s back. “Ride ahead, will you? Tell Addie what’s coming.”

Rickard nodded and turned to his own mount. “Do you know her?”

Nicolas frowned. “No. Do you?”

Rickard prodded his stallion closer and leaned over the unconscious woman. “I don’t think so. Hard to tell with all the mud and the bruising, though.”

“Hm.” Nicolas jerked his chin at Rickard. “Go on, then.”

Rickard kicked his horse to an easy canter, waved over his shoulder, and he was gone.

Nicolas followed at a steady walk, afraid to jar his fragile passenger by hurrying the huge gelding. He guided Rusten with his knees while he considered her pale, muddy face.

Lying ten miles southwest of St. Louis, Cheltenham was a small township. Nicolas had lived here his entire life—save for four university years and the year he was obliged to stay in Norway. He believed he knew all of its residents, so he was fairly certain he had never seen this woman before.

And that made her appearance even more puzzling. Where had she come from? Where was she headed? And how did she end up in the creek to begin with? Was she the victim of an accident? Or was something more sinister afoot?

“I suppose if you awaken, you’ll explain yourself,” he mumbled and shifted her position a little. Her eyelids fluttered and she gave a tiny whimper. But she lay as limp as a drowned cat in his arms.

When he reached the manor, his aging housekeeper stood in the doorway beside Rickard, craning her neck and worrying her apron. His friend stepped forward, accepted the feminine bundle once again, and held her while Nicolas dismounted.

“Thanks, Rick,” Nicolas said as he took the woman and hugged her securely against his chest. He faced Addie. “We’ll put her in the room at the end of the hall.”

She nodded and followed him into the house. “Poor thing,” she cooed.

Nicolas topped the stairs without noticeable effort and headed toward the uninhabited room, the furthest one from his. After all, he had no interest in any sort of entanglement and fully expected to return this unexpected and unwanted female to whomever she belonged as soon as she regained consciousness. Once in the room, he laid his mysterious charge on the bed and gave her over to Addie’s competent care.

“Rick?” he called down the staircase.

“I’m here, Nick.” Rickard stepped out of Nicolas’s study and gulped a glass of amber liquid.

Nicolas snorted and started down the steps. “Let’s get back to hunting, eh? Before you finish off my best brandy!”

Rickard laughed and set down the empty glass. “You’ve got more stashed in here than even I could finish and you know it!”

Nicolas reached him, grinned and slapped his shoulder. “Come on, then. If you can manage those dogs, I’ve a taste for pheasant for supper tonight!”

Excerpt from The Hansen Series: Nicolas & Sydney

by Kris Tualla



All books are available in trade paperback at Amazon, and in e-book for Kindle (USA & UK), Nook, and Smashwords

Book One ~ A Woman of Choice

Book Two ~ A Prince of Norway

Book Three ~ A Matter of Principle (January 2011)

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New book blog over at Wall to Wall Books

A friend of mine is a voracious reader and, like most of us, she likes to talk about the books she's read.  Stop by over at Wall To Wall books and say hi.  She's got some great contests going too!

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A Book for A Book.....

I haven't given anything away on the blog for awhile--life has been so busy I've just lost track of time.  But I think, in honor of November, I should give away a book. 

So, tell me the BEST book you read this year and that I should absolutely read and I'll enter you in the contest.  Don't forget to check back to see if you won.  I have a couple prizes from past contests that I haven't been able to find the winner--most notably the winner of my title contest.  MizzCrow--you won but I haven't been able to reach you!

Anyway, give me ONE TITLE of THE BEST BOOK you read this year.  Just one, just your favorite.  (I know, it's going to be hard to choose, right?)  Winner gets readers choice of  Haunting Beauty or Haunting Warrior (which, by the way, are being repackaged as A Mists of Ireland Novel.  Cool huh?

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Not much to say of late

My blogging has been decidedly flat of late, but that's because my life has been decidedly stretched. I've still found the time to read some great books written by friends of mine. It's always a pleasure to support a local author, so why don't I shout out about them now?

In the order I read them:

FIRELORD'S LOVER, by Kathryne Kennedy. I actually read this one some time back and it was just fabulous. Seriously, if you haven't read Kathryne Kennedy, you're missing out. She is so talented and imaginative that you'll be swept away completely!

TOUCHED BY AN ALIEN, by Gini Koch. In real life this author is a lot of fun. In fiction, she's even funner. :) Gini writes an action packed, zany adventure with great characters. If you're not a sci-fi fan and are turned off by the cover, don't be. There's some depth in this story that is unique and interesting and lots of laughs.
PLAY FLING, by Amber Scott. Ms. Scott has penned and emotional tale with a lot of hot spice and meddling fun. This romance between an older woman and a younger man goes deeper than the parts and shows all the insecurities and passions that a new relationship--ANY relationship has, but especially one where there are obstacles to surmount. This is the first in a series and a fun read.

A WOMAN OF CHOICE, by Kris Tualla. Kris will actually be stopping by the blog in a couple of weeks to talk about her books. In this one, she takes a slice of American history and gives it a new spin by putting her Norwegian hero in Missouri. She weaves a great tale with romance, deceit, mystery and passion in her debut novel and she does it with a rich historical voice.

SHADOW FALL, by Erin Kellison. Erin's debut novel grabs you from the first chapter and takes you through a harrowing story of a world invaded by soul sucking demons. With a wonderful voice and moving characters, Erin delivers a great tale that continues in a series that certainly going to please. An intriguing and fresh premise makes this all the better.

SEDUCING THE SUCCUBUS, by Cassie Ryan. You want hot? Cassie delivers. In this great action packed novel, you get it all. Angels and Demons--and told in a fresh and innovative way. Succubi and incubi, humans, and Djin, Oh My! Cassie mixes them all up and gives you a passionate tale about the power of love and the wonders of good hot lovin'. This is a first book in a series that promises to be a lot of fun!

Hope you've been reading some good books to.  I'm always open to suggestions so tell me what you've been enjoying lately!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm on the final weeks until book 4 in the Haunting Series is due and I'm finding the final stretch such a challenge.  I really want this book to be the best and I'm letting my worries get in the way of my creativity.  I need some serious focus and to just shut the world out.

Barring that....please send chocolate.

And don't be surprised if you see me doing this one day for stress relief...Or just because I finally cracked.

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Spotlight on: Cassie Ryan, author of Seducing the Succubus

I'm really excited about having Cassie Ryan on my blog today!  Not only is she one of the nicest people you'll ever want to meet, Cassie is über talented.  Her new book, Seducing the Succubus, is guaranteed to be hot and steamy and a "can't put it down" read.  I had my pre-ordered and can't wait to dive in.

I asked Cassie to talk about her hero today and I think you'll like what she has to say.  We also get an excerpt!  AND she is giving away an autographed copy of SEDUCING THE SUCCUBUS to one luck winner!  Leave Cassie a comment to be entered to win.

Everyone is always talking about how much they love “tortured characters” in books. Characters who have to overcome some or even a lot of past baggage as they move through the story—and in the case of the villains—sometimes they never get past it or even try. But those inherently flawed characters seem to fascinate readers and writers alike.

I must admit, I love tortured characters as well. As a writer, their scars from the past help lend motivation to their current actions. And I love watching their journey as the other characters end up pushing their buttons and making them confront that tortured past. Yes, just like most writers—I am kind of evil to my characters

But is there a point where a character is TOO tortured?

I’ve read books where I have to stop reading because the pain of the characters is just too much for me as a reader to bear. And many times when I’m THAT uncomfortable I never end up picking the book back up. Granted, it could be that a particular character touched on some of my own personal baggage, but many times it’s also because I’m pretty empathic when it comes to “feeling” what others are—including characters in books and movies. I’m not talking about a good gory fight scene or a good knock down drag out fight now and then when the story warrants, but when the character is just wrenched and wrung out through the entire book without a break—I think I just end up mentally exhausted! I just don’t enjoy reading books where the poor characters are tortured just for the sake of being tortured. You can imagine from that why I don’t do horror movies. *shudder*

So for that reason, I’m very careful when I “torture” my characters. I want to push their buttons. I want the other characters to make them question their long-held beliefs and even their learned reactions to things. I want bad things to happen to them—but only so they can grow and find closure if not peace by the end of the story.

In Seducing the Succubus, Jezebeth is a succubi who has been around since Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. She has to have sexual energy to survive. But because of what she has to do to survive, and the fact that the succubi are the read-headed step children of the supernatural world, she’s been subjected to the poor opinion and derision of others for millennia. So when she meets Noah, a horror writer who got himself into trouble when he accidentally summoned Lilith while doing writing research, Jezebeth has a chip on her shoulder already. So when Noah makes his opinion plain about what she has to do to survive—she reacts in a predictably prickly manner.

Over the course of the story, they have to grow past both their prejudices and their past baggage in order to see eye to eye.

It’s that journey that fascinates me and keeps me coming back to both write and read more books :)

What do you think? Is there such a thing as characters who are TOO tortured? Have you ever gotten so uncomfortable with the conflict within a book that you had to put it down? What keeps you coming back for more?  I’d love to hear your opinions and if you leave a comment you'll be entered to win!.

In the meantime, enjoy this blurb and excerpt for Seducing the Succubus, on sale now at a book seller near you!

First in a sexy new series featuring four succubus sisters fighting demons and desires.

Jezebeth is living out the centuries as any succubus must-seducing men to survive and corrupting souls to make her quota with her queen, Lilith. But, when she's attacked by a bounty hunter demon, it's a handsome human who saves her.

Noah Halston is a horror writer who owes his life to Lilith. Now he must pay up by eluding the fearsome beasts of hell while escorting a very attractive and tempting succubus safely to Lilith's lair-or else he will forfeit his soul to an eternity of torture.

Trouble is, if he spends too much time with the all too tempting Jezebeth, he may just lose his heart-or, even worse, his life.


As Jezebeth glanced up and realized what Noah had suggested, she couldn’t help but giggle. A truck stop could very well be a Succubus Smorgasbord.

The sound of her amusement came out weaker than she’d like, but the fact that she still had enough energy to laugh gave her the freedom to wait and choose who she took sustenance from.

Noah had already made his disgust of her and her survival needs very clear back in the parking lot≤even though she could smell the musky scent of his arousal that wafted through the cab of the truck. Her skin ached with longing in response to the scent. It was too bad he felt that way because the glowing aura of nearly white energy that surrounded him like a pulsing mist looked as if it could totally heal her even with minimal contact like a deep kiss.

He was attracted, but also repulsed.

Interesting, but definitely irrelevant.

Jez had never been ashamed of what she was and what she had to do to survive. That would just be a waste of time since there was nothing she could do to change it. But for some reason, Noah’s distaste as he’d looked at the two men lying in the truck had stung. He’d risked his life to help her, and for that she found she wasn’t willing to broach the subject of taking Noah’s energy unless she was near death and didn’t have any other choice.

She was used to seeing men only as a means to an end≤survival. For the most part they were predictable, easy to manipulate and totally uninteresting. But so far Noah was a puzzle that intrigued her.

She mentally shrugged and concentrated on conserving her energy for the task ahead.

“What’s so funny?”

Even in the near darkness, she could make out his small scowl of confusion.

“You said the truck stop is a Succubus Smorgasbord if I’m willing. There’s no ‘willing’ to it. I’ll take whatever we can find at this point.” Her words were still weak, but she was glad to hear an underlying thread of strength that hadn’t been there before. Pure stubbornness might help her hold out long enough to find more energy.

When the next exit loomed, Noah took it and drove toward the large truck stop that sat on the side of the freeway--a halfway point between nowhere and nothing.

Jez tipped down the visor and checked her appearance in the tiny mirror. Dark circles rode under her hazel eyes, which looked too big for her pale face. She looked like she’d had a hard night of partying and hadn’t recovered yet.

A large sigh escaped. She’d been in worse forms and still found those willing to offer her their sustenance. She combed her fingers through her hair and used most of the rest of her energy to remove the blood from her arm and clothes until she slumped back against the seat, wishing she could just close her eyes and sleep.

Noah pulled around to the back parking lot and parked among the large semitrucks scattered in the extra-long parking spaces. He turned off the ignition and pulled out the keys before glancing toward Jezebeth. “So, how should we do this?”

“We?” She gave him her best sardonic smile. “You’ve already made it quite clear how you see my need for energy.” Her words came out more cutting than she’d intended, but she was surprised when Noah winced. But when she glanced again, his expression was haughty and unforgiving, convincing her she’d only imagined it.

“Yes, we. I promised I’d take care of you and get you back to Lilith safe and sound. You’re nearly out of energy, so the least I can do is help you . . . find some.”

Jez huffed out a breath of sarcastic amusement. “Don’t go all noble on me. I’m sure the night of hot sex with Lilith was well worth everything you’ll have to go through to pay for it.” She reached for the door handle. That was usually Lilith’s side of the equation, and got the succubus queen whatever she wanted in return.

“I didn’t have a night of hot sex with Lilith.” Noah’s words were defensive and low.

Jez popped open the door and glanced back at him. “Don’t worry, when Lilith gives her word or makes a deal, she keeps it. You’ll get your night when this is done.”

Noah frowned as he studied her. “Why would I want to be just another fuck among billions? This is my payment for not spending the night with Lilith.”

Jez frowned trying to understand the meaning behind his cryptic words. She was tempted to ask him for clarification, but she was already light-headed and needed to find energy fast. Besides, the distaste in his voice was obvious, and his words echoed through Jez’s mind like an accusation.

Why would I want to be just another fuck among billions?

She winced as anger burned through her. Who the hell was this guy to judge her and her kind? He was a mere human, and while his aura was distractingly clean and white, she was sure he hadn’t taken any vows of celibacy or morality. “Then you’ll be relieved to know that I’m a bit more discerning than my mistress. You’ll never get any type of offer from me.”

Noah snapped his mouth shut as if she’d surprised him, and she enjoyed a small surge of satisfaction as she slid out of the truck and closed the door behind her.

The cold night air hit her from all sides, stealing her breath and slowly leaching her low reserves of energy. She leaned heavily against the truck as she gathered her strength for the walk into the truck stop.

Noah cursed as he jogged around to her side. She thought she caught the words “stubborn fricking woman” within his mumbles as he stopped in front of her. “Let me help you get inside. You’re still weak.” He took her arm in his and pulled her close against his side.

His body was warm and firm, the muscles of his torso flexing against her as he moved.

Why would I want to be just another fuck among billions?

She stiffened and pulled away from him. “I’m fine. It’s time for me to go look for one billion and one, so if you’ll excuse me.”

Noah recoiled as if she’d slapped him, an expression of surprise flashing across his features.

“Miss? Do you need any help?”

Jez turned to find a tall, lanky man in his mid-forties wearing a thick flannel shirt, jeans, and boots approaching them, his keys jangled in his right hand. He had dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and a kind expression. But even more important, the hazy mist surrounding him was thick enough to call to her like a dark promise, and yet dark enough to show her that he might not take too much convincing to give her the sustenance she needed right here in the parking lot.

She didn’t look back at Noah, but instead willed her legs to hold her weight as she walked carefully forward toward the newcomer. “Actually, I could really use some help, if you don’t mind.” Jezebeth smiled up at him. “Maybe a ride?” She let her meaning show clearly in her gaze as it traveled down his body to center on the growing bulge just behind the fly of his jeans.

“Jezebeth . . .” Noah’s voice was a low warning behind her, and she ignored it, hoping he took the hint and shut up.

The man’s gaze flicked past her to Noah, and she could sense his primal protective instincts kicking into high gear. Humans were very territorial--especially about women. “Don’t worry about him,” she soothed the newcomer. “He just can’t accept that I’m not interested.”

Jezebeth could’ve sworn she felt a blast of cold air coming from Noah’s direction--an outward sign that her mark had hit home. But she knew that was only her own fancy at work. After all, he was only human.

The man held Noah’s angry gaze for a long moment before he said, “Of course, darlin’. My truck is right this way.”

“Actually, the lady is just fine.” Noah stepped forward placing his body between Jezebeth and the newcomer, wrapping a possessive arm around her waist.

Her mind sent a signal to her body to object and pull away, but her body refused to respond. Noah was warm and pulsing with energy, and before she could do anything further, he’d pulled her close, cupped her cheek in his large, warm hand and lowered his head to kiss her.You can buy SEDUCING THE SUCCUBUS now at: your local store or online at: 

B&N: http://bit.ly/bnJs2I

Borders: http://bit.ly/blUoIE

Books-a-million: http://bit.ly/agZk56

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Or visit Cassie's web site at:  http://www.cassieryan.com/Look for Book Two in this exciting series April 2011!!!!

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Stop by Keith Publications

Keith Publications has recently launched and to celelbrate, Mary Keith, owner is running great interviews and giveaways.  I am lucky enough to be one of the authors featured there.  Stop by and say hi.  I'm giving away an autographed book to one lucky commenter!  http://keithpublications.com/blog/2010/10/01/erin-quinn/

Monday, September 27, 2010

Spotlight on: Amber Scott!

You've heard me say it before, but it's worth repeating.  One of the things I like best about being a writer is the people.  No, I'm not talking about the people in my head--although I do love them too.  It's the people I get to meet on this crazy journey.  Amber Scott is definitely one of my favorites.  Not only is she just a genuinely nice person, she has a great sense of humor and is always warm and encouraging (even when we run into each other at the library, sans makeup and--in my case--with a coffee stained shirt.)

I'm really thrilled to have her here on my site and to spotlight this talented author!  If you've never been to her blog (http://amberscottproject.wordpress.com/) you should stop by.  She has such interesting topics and fun stuff going on there.  Read below for my interview with her, a fabulous excerpt and information on her giveaway!

Okay, so on to the interview. 

Erin:  When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

Amber:  I remember telling my mom I'd be a writer when I grew up at around the age of four. She nodded, seemed very impressed and asked me what I would write. Children's books? Poetry? I didn't know the answer until my first historical romance novel, A Gentle Feuding, and I fell in love with love. I've lived in "romance novel zone", a direct quote from my sisters, ever since. But I love my rose colored glasses and shall never give them back.

Erin:  You have a busy life with small children, how do you juggle it all?

Amber:  Thank Heaven for cartoons! No. Really. After my daughter, my second, was born and my first stopped napping, I had a major struggle finding writing time. I'd grown spoiled by my first's clockwork like naptimes, an hour to two, every day, same time, same place. My husband's long work hours didn't help. I had two choices: Lose my marbles or sneak in some writing. So, I learned how to pound out a paragraph here, a paragraph there. I wrote Play Fling with each one hanging from a leg, typing while standing at my breakfast bar. Things are far more predictable now. My little ones have learned to share me, as long as they come first and get full attention in between. Ten minutes here, twenty there, child wrapped around me like a mink stole, it all adds up.

Erin:  If you could write whatever you want and know it would be an instant bestseller, what would it be?

Amber:  Whatever the latest sub-genre my muse has taken me to! I've finally learned to have faith and stop fighting Milla, the goth chick who lights my brain up with each new tale. She shall have her way, no matter how much I think of shoulds when it comes to what the right next story is. Whether it's an erotica, a paranormal or a romantic comedy, I'd love every one to fly off the shelves and into the hearts of millions of readers. Knowing I have given someone the same escape I live for gives me immeasurable joy.

Erin:  Tell us about your latest release and what YOU love about it?

Amber:  In Play Fling, playing cupid isn't a reward; it's Millie's punishment. If she doesn't find repressed, divorcee, Brooke, true love in the next thirty days, Millie'll lose the one thing in this life sentence worth fighting for, her partner. Just two problems: First, Millie sucks at matchmaking. Second, too young, too hot, Elliott keeps getting in Millie's way. What I love most is the strong reaction Millie gets from readers. She's a bit of the antihero who will have a tough run of it over the course of the series, but will ultimately find her own happily ever after. She makes me laugh out loud and I've had to talk her out of a couple seriously sticky choices. What I miss most, though, is spending all that time with my, er, Brooke's deliciously smart but sexy, Elliott. Thankfully, I'll more heartthrobs on the horizon.

Erin:  Can you give us an excerpt?

Excerpt from PLAY FLING:

“Don’t go,” he said.

Brooke turned, ready to cut him with an icy remark. She fell short, her lips parted. He’d taken his glasses off. Her breath caught, seeing his undisguised attraction. The word smoldering came to mind. She’d never felt a man look at her the way he was looking at her.

He came around the desk. He shut the door. Locked it.

Her heart thumped up her throat.

“I think I’ve made a mistake,” Brooke said, amazed her voice didn’t crack. “I think I have to go.”

“Don’t go,” he said again, stepping close.

His words enveloped her. Had she thought his glasses made him irresistible? She’d been wrong. His lashes set off depths so blue, so intense, they might penetrate her soul.

Slowly, he reached up, pushed a lock of hair from her face. His finger ran along her cheek, to her lobe, down her neck and up to her chin. With gentle pressure, he tipped her chin up. Brooke’s hands shook. Her mouth watered. Her mind searched for words and found two: don’t go.

How could she?

His gaze captivated hers. He lowered his head. She closed her eyes. The tremble in her hands spread up her arms, down her legs. Yes. God, yes. Let him kiss her. Let her taste his lips on hers, his breath, his mouth.

“Stay,” he whispered against her lips.

She failed to shake her head, no, she wouldn’t go. He began at her chin, a graze, and in slow succession, breathed and kissed and wet her skin. Kisses. Tantalizing, sensual, tickling. Around her mouth, teasing her. Away again, torture.

Her knees turned to water. She almost whimpered. His mouth found her hungry lips.

Brooke gasped. His hands raked into her hair. He kissed her lower lip, moved to the side, never quite meeting her fully. Brooke moaned, awash with a full body shiver. Musk and sandalwood intoxicated her senses. Mint, sweet on her tongue. She swayed her weight toward his body. He slid his hand over her lower back, steadying her.

Her lips parted, begging entry. He took it. His tongue carefully delved, explored as her lips, suckled and pressed. Brooke returned each caress, mindless of all but each sensation coming over her mouth, washing her body.

Her hands rose to his chest. His roamed over her back, ever lower, inch-by-inch to her hips. He broke the kiss and pulled away.

Brooke opened her eyes. She could hardly think.

He swallowed. “I want you.”

A small ache jolted to life between her legs. She wanted him, too. Bad. Shamelessly. The realization sent her a step back. She couldn’t.

Elliott’s hands tugged at her hips. He shook his head. “I’ll stop. I’m sorry. But, please, don’t go. Not like this.”

The ramifications of what she’d just done, of what she allowed him to do, of where they were and who he was, rammed through her mind, penetrating her haze.

Brooke put a hand to her forehead. “I can’t do this.”

“No,” Elliott said. “Don’t say that. Just close your eyes. I promise. I won’t ask anything of you.” He moved closer, his eyes charming the fear snaking through her. “Stay.”

He leaned in and his scent, his heat, teased her senses. He made her thirst for more. One more taste. A small interior voice urged her to try it. What harm could a little bit more really cause? When had a man ever made her knees go weak? She deserved weak knees. Wet, hot kisses.

She needed them.

Brooke let him tug her closer. She shut her eyes. Elliott’s mouth met hers, sweet at first, then urgent, and pleading. Her hands dug into his clothes, her hips sought his. He felt so good. So hard, muscular. So good.

Her mind designed the flesh beneath her hands as she traced his contours. Not enough. She needed skin. She tugged at the hem of his shirt. Elliott groaned.

“God,” he whispered. His tongue licked magic over her collarbone. His hands cradled her waist, her neck. “You taste so good.”

Brooke whimpered. Her nipples peaked, aching for touch. He grabbed her by the hips and lifted her. She wrapped her legs around him as he positioned their bodies onto a nest of papers. Her need thrummed harder. Moisture sprang between her thighs.

Elliott cupped her face. His body stilled above hers, inches from answering what her limbs begged for. His touch. “We have to stop,” he said.

Heaviness gathered back into her chest. “Stop?”

Elliott nodded. Emotion shone in his eyes. “I want you. Make no mistake about that.”

Then why stop? She couldn’t ask, though. She wouldn’t make more of a fool of herself over him. Not when she knew how rash she was being even coming to this office, let alone clawing his body like a sex kitten.

Her surroundings slipped back into focus. Elliott helped her to her feet. She ignored how wobbly her legs were. Had she been ready to give herself to him right there on Shope’s desk?

She should be thanking him, really. Good sturdy common sense had plainly exited her brain. If not for his clear head, they might be naked, limbs entangled for anyone to walk in on. No, wait, he had locked the door.

Still. “I should go.”

He took her hand, kissed it. “When can I see you?”

The weight in her chest lifted. “I don’t think you can. I’m not sure we should be doing this.”

He cocked his head. “Yes you are.”

She opened her mouth to protest. He brought her wrist to his lips and licked the sensitive flesh there, effectively shutting her up. She didn’t know what she could have said. An unstoppable prayer formed inside of her. Please, it said. Him, this, yes. Please. His lips caressed her skin, his fingers entwined hers.

Erin:  Okay, I'm hooked!!!!  You can order PLAY FLING at amazon now:  http://www.amazon.com/Play-Fling-Amber-Scott/dp/1451588739/ref=tmm_pap_title_0  I just ordered mine.  :)

Other ways to buy:
BN.com: http://productsearch.barnesandnoble.com/search/results.aspx?WRD=play+fling

Smashwords (bestseller!): http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/8524

Amazon/Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Play-Fling-Amber-Scott/dp/1451588739/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1280177247&sr=1-1

Amber is giving away a copy of PLAY FLING to one lucky reader!  Leave a comment (and don't forget to check back!) to be in the drawing to win!

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Check it out....site redeisgn....

In honor of the hunky Tiarnan from HAUNTING DESIRE, I've redesigned my website.  Come check it out.  If you're a writer, be sure to enter the SDSU Writers' Conference Scholarship while you're there.  And of course, my monthly contest runs every month.  :)  http://www.erinquinnbooks.com/index.htm

Next week I'll be spotlighting the delightful Amber Scott so be sure to stop by!

Friday, September 17, 2010

And the winner is.....

Several months ago I ran a contest on the site for title suggestions for the fourth book in my Haunting Series.  You all had some fabulous suggestions and it was very difficult to choose!  However, after much deliberation.... (drum roll please).....

The winner is HAUNTING EMBRACE submitted by MizzCrow on June 27!

Congratulations MizzCrow.  Not only do you get your title on the book, but you also when an autographed copy of one of my titles (Haunting Warrior, Haunting Beauty, Echoes or Whispers) AND your name as one of the characters in Haunting Embrace.  Please contact me at write2erinquinn at aol dot com so we can chat.

And, because it was so nice of all of you to suggest titles, I'm going to give away 2 more books to randomly selected commenters:

Laura T and Laney4--you both when a book!  Let me know which one you want:  Haunting Warrior, Haunting Beauty, Echoes or Whispers.

Thanks again to everyone who made a suggestion! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Come say hi!

I'm over at Manic Readers today talking about my Haunting Series.  There's a giveaway!  come by and say hi!

And I'm very close to selecting the winning title for the last Haunting Book.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mark your calendars!

On November 20th, DESERT ROSE RWA will be putting on their FIFTH ANNUAL FREE FALL WORKSHOP  (Yep, you read that right!  Free!)  And check out who's going to be there!

Come enjoy one of the most talked about free workshops in the West, presented by our very own Desert Rose volunteers. We are privileged to have some of the top-selling authors in the nation in our membership, so come see what the fuss is all about and learn from our industry professionals. The stellar line-up includes: Christina Skye, Jennifer Ashley, Tara Taylor Quinn, Laurie Schnebly Campbell, Denise Domning, Donna Hatch, Gini Koch, Annette Mahon, Cathy McDavid, Erin Quinn, Vijaya Schartz, Amber Scott, and Kris Tualla. Please check back later for a complete listing of workshop times and descriptions.

  • When:  November 20, 10am - 4pm
  • Where:  Scottsdale Civic Center Library, 3839 N. Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Who:     Christina Skye, Jennifer Ashley, Tara Taylor Quinn, Laurie Schnebly Campbell, Denise Domning, Donna Hatch, Gini Koch, Annette Mahon, Cathy McDavid, Erin Quinn, Vijaya Schartz, Amber Scott, and Kris Tualla
  • For more information:  http://libcat.scottsdaleaz.gov/record=g1002975&searchscope=3&SORT2=R
Hope to see you there!!!!

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Where's Erin?

I've been a bit absent of late--not physically but definitely bloggerly.  :)  I'm down to the final weeks of wrapping up the new book and that is consuming most of my time.  If you entered my pick a title contest and are wondering....haven't decided on the title yet.  Why?  Well, I know as soon as I start talking about the new book to my editor, I'm going to need to give her some things (like the text that goes on the back of the book and other stuff) and I'm making such great forward progress on the writing that I don't want to stop and switch gears.  So, I'll probably be asking her about the time I finish up.  I haven't forgotten though--and I will be announcing soon!  If you have an idea that hasn't been posted already, it's not too late:  http://quinnessentials.blogspot.com/2010/06/writing-writing-writing.html

I will be spotlighting some new authors in the next weeks and you know...there's always a give away!

Speaking of giveaways, the winner of the Renee Bernard giveaway has been posted.  And Gram--if you're out there, you won the Erin Kellison giveaway but I never heard from you.....

Haunting Beauty
August 2009
Haunting Warrior
May 2010
Haunting Desire
April 2011
Haunting TBD
October 2011

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Shrinking dresses and other tales from the edge

So I dreamed last night that a friend asked me to come over and talk to her book group.  I love doing that so I, of course, said yes.  I expected about 5 people but when I got there, I found about 100 in this hidden auditorium at the back of her house--complete with pull out bleachers.  I was so surprised when I arrived that I talked about writing and the life of a writer, but I neglected to mention who I was or even mumble the titles of my books.  The million bookmarks I haul from place to place never came out.  AND I thanked them all at the end of the talk and left without signing books.  As I exited I heard a few mumbling, "who was she again?"

The dream then morphed into me stumbling around on the ASU campus in the incredible shrinking dress--each step I took made me sweat more and my dress got smaller until I was trying to keep it from tangling in the elastic of my underwear.  I won't go into details, but needless to say, I shouldn't have been wearing the dress when it was the right size.  Shrunken was wrong on too many levels.

Thank the powers that be, I woke up before it disappeared altogether.

A reader on Facebook told me about this video.  Thought you'd enjoy it too.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome Seduction Wears Sapphires author Renee Bernard!

I love it when Renee Bernard has a new book out because that means I get to host her here on my blog.  :)  Renee is one of those people that you meet once and feel like you've know forever.  In fact, we've only met once, but I knew I wanted to be friends immediately (poor Renee didn't have a chance of escaping me, ha ha.  I hope, at least, that I'm her favorite Stalker :-).  You'll be hard put to meet a warmer, more generous person.  I think that generosity and warmth is found in Renee's characters too.  Her heroes may be tortured, but they are never petty or cruel.  And let me tell you, they are NEVER cold.  On the contrary, they are smoking hot!

Renee stopped by to talk about her latest hero, Ashe Blackwell of SEDUCTION WEARS SAPPHIRES (Book 2 in her Jaded Gentlemen series.  Book One is the smokin' hot REVENGE WEARS RUBIES.  Read more here).  And don't leave before you get to the GIVE AWAY DETAILS below or the fabulous excerpt from SEDUCTION WEARS SAPPHIRES!

Renee...take it away!

Out of the mouths of babes…isn’t that the saying? Well, I often find that a character’s light-hearted remarks can seal their fate and inspire their own delicious fall. When the Jaded came to life and I was writing the first book in the series, “Revenge Wears Rubies”, Ashe Blackwell made a joke about needing a chaperone and I knew that “Seduction Wears Sapphires” was going to be a much more light-hearted ride thanks to my wonderful hero.

Rogues and bad boys are singularly suited to getting attention in romances, but I wanted Ashe to be more than a shallow playboy. If he lives his life to excess, there are reasons for his choices and if a woman is going to rein him in, she couldn’t just be the usual innocent thrown in his path. Oh, no! When a man lives his life hearing the word “Yes”, it had to be a woman who had no qualms about telling him “No!” And where an English miss might be swayed, I was sure that an American woman with a practical streak a mile wide wasn’t going to easily be impressed with a handsome man in evening clothes.

Ashe! I think he’s one of my favorites, if only because he hides very little and for all his bravado, I consider him one of the more vulnerable of the Jaded when it comes to matters of the heart. He is the one man amidst them who lost his first love not by a personal betrayal or misstep, but through sheer chance and tragedy. It was a doomed relationship, but I don’t think Ashe ever saw it that way and if the rebellion hadn’t intervened, he might be fighting for her still. So I truly hope that my readers will fall in love with him, too. Not just for the rogue in him, but for the true hero he tries to be in honoring his grandfather’s wishes and committing completely to whatever he’s pursuing (even when it’s not good for him…)

As for the backdrop, the Victorian era was long and varied in its character. I love it because it is such a rich tapestry to work against. For me, the specific time period of these particular books is one of great change (1859-60); so for now, Queen Victoria still has the love of her life in Prince Albert, America is on the brink of their Civil War and nothing is certain. The Jaded met in the dungeons of a raj in India during the Sepoy Rebellion and have their fair share of scars and horror stories to tell, but they also escaped with secret fortunes in their pockets and hidden enemies on their heels. They say you can never go home again, but for the gentlemen of the Jaded, it’s never that simple.

After all…home is where the heart is, right?

I hope everyone enjoys “Seduction Wears Sapphires” and I look forward to sharing all of the Jaded’s stories with my fantastic readers! Please (as always!) don’t be shy about sending me a note but I should warn you that I love to put readers’ names into my books as secondary characters… so if you have a great name or you make me smile, you’ll have to stay posted!

So, here’s the burning question of the day. I definitely broke some rules and stretched reality a bit for the sake of a good read by throwing a female chaperone into Ashe’s path. When I research, I stay as true as I can, but ultimately, it’s fiction, this romance game ;--) so I’m not always a slave to the details. How do you feel about historical romance? Is it better to keep all the grit and grime intact, or can an author blur the lines without risking life and limb? What are your favorite rule-breakers or rule-keepers when it comes to historical romance?

Best answer gets a signed copy of “Seduction Wears Sapphires”!!!

Excerpt from Seduction Wears Sapphires:

She laughed again, and the magic of it wasn’t lessened in its new familiarity. Ashe liked this lighter and merrier version of the terrier. This Miss Townsend was all feminine sweetness and corruptible curves, without the glowering looks and prim little sniffs of disapproval. This Miss Townsend had an appeal that transcended his opinions about pushy American women and chaperones in general.

But this Miss Townsend was just as forbidden to him as any other woman, and Ashe bit the inside of his cheek hard enough to sting and remind him that while she had the luxury of dreams, his feet needed to stay firmly planted in the waking world.

“Here we are,” he stopped at her door, opening the latch for her and glancing inside to note the lack of light. “Let me see if we can’t light a candle and get you settled,” he said, guiding her just inside the doorway.

She put her head on his shoulder and he could feel her nod in acquiescence. She was clinging to him innocently enough, but the sensation of her pert breasts pressing against his arm and side through the thin silk of his shirt was pure torment. He tried to recall the room’s arrangement by memory, but he’d never bothered much with the guest rooms.

Ashe instinctively acted to protect the terrier’s shins and avert a bad ending to their adventure. “Wait, here, miss, and I’ll make sure everything is as it should be.” He gently guided her hand to the door frame, anchoring her safely so that he could make his explorations.

“You’re so kind to me,” she sighed.

Kind. I’m the devil in the dark, and she thinks I’m kind.

He strode toward what he thought was a best guess of the direction for her bed and side table and instead was rewarded with a bruising blow across his shins from one of her traveling trunks. Ashe bit down hard to swallow a string of curses from the throbbing pain, before trying another direction and finding success. With a hand on the bed curtains, he traced the edge of the mattress and found what he was looking for.

The glow from the single taper was more than enough to illuminate the waiting figure in the doorway, and Ashe forgot about his bruised shins at the vision she presented. Once again her thin cotton gown did nothing more than accent everything her dowdy fashions struggled to hide from view.

The heat in his blood reignited and Ashe smiled, wondering if his grandfather had any idea of the hellfire he’d poured on his grandson’s head. Sacred oaths and familial duties aside, his chaperone was proving to be an unexpected problem.

“Must I go to bed now?” she asked, and Ashe’s cock instantly became painfully hard, its swollen head pressing against the waist of his pants and when he risked a glance downward he could see it, one pearl of moisture beading from its tip.

He closed his eyes and tried to banish the demon that snaked through his body, its power emanating from the raw hunger between his thighs. “Yes,” he managed to grind out, roughly pulling the covers aside. “In, Miss Townsend.”

“Won’t you be showing me more of London?” She walked toward him, her voice giving no hint of an intimate double meaning to her words, no trace of an illicit invitation—but her nightgown had fallen even further down her shoulder revealing the top of a creamy orb, an invitation in itself.

Oh, the things I could show you, Miss Townsend.

“Not tonight.” He tugged at the covers again, his hands itching to see just how much of a pull it would take on the ribbon of her gown to allow it to fall to the floor. He forced himself to look away from the frayed strip of narrow satin so tantalizing within his reach. “Time to rest and tomorrow…we’ll see about you beginning your adventures in London.”

She sighed, lifting the hem of her nightgown with the innocence of a child to allow her to climb unencumbered up into the bed and giving Ashe a delicious peek at her legs in the process. “I’ve never had an adventure before!”

It was all he could do not to grab one of her ankles and drag her over to the side of the bed and ravish her without apologies. Instead, he stiffly threw the covers over her and took a firm step back. “Stay. In. Bed.”

“As you wish,” she smiled sweetly, pressing back into the pillows, her blonde curls fanning out to frame her face. Her eyes looked at him, without seeing him, and Ashe finally accepted that retreat was his only option.

He took the taper with him, hoping to avoid another stumble on his way out. He’d nearly made it to the door when she called out softly, “I can hardly wait until tomorrow.”

He shut the door behind him and blew out the candle.

God, give me strength.

Want more?  Visit Renee's website at http://www.reneebernardauthor.com/ where you can get details on what's on the shelves and what's coming up.  Don't forget to enter the contest by answering:  What are your favorite rule-breakers or rule-keepers when it comes to historical romance?

Best answer gets a signed copy of SEDUCTION WEARS SAPPHIRES!!!!!

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On the agenda.....

Life is moving at warp speed, but I've come to expect that.  I've had to slow down my extra curricular reading--my "just for me" reading, that is.  I've got too much other stuff going on.....Like re-reading Haunting Desire as I write Haunting Destiny.  There are so many elements to my Haunting Series, so many pieces that I fit in the puzzle.  I want to be sure that I include them all and I don't end up with a gaping hole anywhere. 

I'm really excited about Tiarnan's story and I hope you'll like it too.  What's difficult is ending one story and starting another.  I always feel like it should be brilliant and perfect out of the gate and it takes me forever to come around to the fact that rarely is anything brilliant in first draft.  GRRRRR.

Thanks to everyone for the book recommendations.  As soon as I get the first draft of the fourth book finished, I'll be diving in.  And if you were part of the title contest--still haven't selected.  I've been waiting until I had a few things completed before I send the suggestions to my editor.  I wanted to give her the cover copy and the first chapter at the same time AND I wanted to be through this final read of Haunting Desire.  So, look for the winner announcement in the next few weeks.

By the way, in case you haven't heard....Haunting Desire will be out in April 2011.  (It was advertised before as March, but there was a scheduling conflict so April it is.  My birthday is in April and I'm thinking it will be a lucky year for me.  (birthday is 11, year 11).

Happy reading!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tell me what you're reading....

Hi there.  I love to talk about books.  If you read this blog, you probably already know that.  I don't mean I just like to talk about MY books, but all books.  There's not a genre I haven't read (although political memoirs, business strategies and financial outlooks tend to leave me...well, asleep).  I also go through binges where I am addicted to a certain genre.  Last year I couldn't get enough Regency romance, the year before I was loving straight paranormal (as opposed to crooked paranormal, ha ha).  This year I'm hooked on Urban Fantasy.  I've devoured a few series since I started, but I'm still Jonesin' for more.  Recommendations are always welcome.

What are you reading?  What are you over?  What can't you wait to get your hands on?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes being a writer is fun....and others it's a blast

One of the best things that has happened to me since I became a writer is meeting new people.  I have made so many great friends--both virtual and in person--through the stories I tell and my involvement with other readers and writers.  I feel very blessed by my good fortune.

One group of ladies I have come to know are the Red Hat Ladies in East Valley, aka the Foxy Dahlings. They have a book club and have invited me to speak to them several times. I tell you, I have more fun at these meetings! This month I went to talk about HAUNTING WARRIOR, the latest release in my Haunting Series.

They ladies surprised me by making me an honorary member of the club.  As the book worm who never got picked for the team, this was a highlight for me.  :)  Thank you so much Foxy Dahlings for your support of my writing, your enthusiasm over my books, and your friendship!

If you have a book club and would like to talk books, let me know.  My circle of friends is never too big.  :)  I can be reached at erinquinnbooks.com

Monday, July 26, 2010

And the winner is...

The winner of the give away with Erin Kellison is:

Gram (comment posted on July 20, 2010 12:24 PM)

Gram, please email me with your mailing address to write2erinquinn (@) aol dot com.  :)
Don't forget to stop by again.  Next up... Renee Bernard!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spotlight on: Erin Kellison!!!

I'm really excited to have debut author Erin Kellison as my spotlight author today.  I met Erin through my local Romance Writers of America chapter and it's been exciting watching her journey on the road to publication!  Erin Kellison is the author of the Shadow Series, which includes SHADOW BOUND and SHADOW FALL. The first was just released and has so far recieved fabulous reviews.

Erin, welcome.  It's great to welcome another Erin to my blog.  :)  Tell us about your Shadow Series:

Erin K:  First of all, a big thank you to Erin Quinn for sharing her blog with me! I am giving away a copy of both my debut release, Shadow Bound, and its sequel, Shadow Fall, to one lucky commenter today. Also, consider popping by my website, http://www.erinkellison.com/, to sign up for my newsletter and to put your name in the hat for my Nook raffle.

Erin Q:  Wow, a Nook raffle?  Do you hear that readers???  And a giveaway here too.  Be sure to leave a comment!  Okay, onto the meat.  Tell us about the Shadows.....

Erin K:  When I was first beginning Shadow Bound I had a good idea of who my hero, Adam Thorne, and heroine, Talia O’Brien, were as people. I could picture them. I could hear them speak in my head. I knew exactly what they would do next, and why. I can’t say the same of Adam’s good friend, Custo Santovari. I tried to delete him from the manuscript of Shadow Bound several times. He was the guy that did the dirty work for Adam, and I wanted Adam to do his own dirty work, as any hero should. Delete.

A couple days later, I’d be writing him back in again. I didn’t even like him, but I needed him for this spot right here. And that scene. And in the chapter to come. As I was writing, I discovered that Custo wasn’t just a guy who got things done and helped to move the plot for me. In fact, not one of those convenient helper-outer scenes remained. Instead, he became a foil for Adam and Adam’s psychotic brother. In the darkest of times, Custo kept Adam grounded, kept him sane, kept him human.

Something bad happens to Custo in Shadow Bound. Very bad, but critical to the book. One of my critique partners said, “Reconsider. You can’t do that to a sidekick.” I remember reading the message on my computer screen and shaking my head in bafflement. Custo had gone way past sidekick. Custo was a hero.

At least in my mind.

Up until that point, I had never remotely considered writing a book about Custo, but now he was stuck in my head. When I got “The Call” from my editor with an offer for Shadow Bound, she asked if I had ideas for future books. She seemed interested in one direction in particular, but I wanted Custo. I didn’t have a pitch prepared, and had very little of a story in mind. My passion must have come across, however, in the near-incoherent, please-let-me-try plea I gave on behalf of Custo. She asked to see a proposal. Shadow Fall comes out July 27th.

And I’d wanted to delete him altogether in the beginning. Now, frankly, he’s my favorite.

Who are some of your favorite characters?

Here’s the back cover blurb for Shadow Fall:


Custo Santovari accepted pain, blood, even death, to save his best friend. But a man with all his sins just isn't cut out to be an angel.


One moment he's fleeing Heaven; the next, he's waking up stark naked in Manhattan. In the middle of a war. Called there by a woman who's desperately afraid of the dark.


It gathers around Annabella as she performs, filled with fantastic images of another world, bringing both a golden hero and a nightmare lover.


He pursues her relentlessly, twisting her desires even as she gives herself to the man she loves. Because each of us has a wild side, and Annabella is about to unleash the beast.

Erin Q:  I can't wait to read these!  I've had them on my TBR since before they were published and since I'm not one of those readers who has to wait for a whole series to come out before starting, no more delay.  :)

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