Saturday, August 7, 2010

On the agenda.....

Life is moving at warp speed, but I've come to expect that.  I've had to slow down my extra curricular reading--my "just for me" reading, that is.  I've got too much other stuff going on.....Like re-reading Haunting Desire as I write Haunting Destiny.  There are so many elements to my Haunting Series, so many pieces that I fit in the puzzle.  I want to be sure that I include them all and I don't end up with a gaping hole anywhere. 

I'm really excited about Tiarnan's story and I hope you'll like it too.  What's difficult is ending one story and starting another.  I always feel like it should be brilliant and perfect out of the gate and it takes me forever to come around to the fact that rarely is anything brilliant in first draft.  GRRRRR.

Thanks to everyone for the book recommendations.  As soon as I get the first draft of the fourth book finished, I'll be diving in.  And if you were part of the title contest--still haven't selected.  I've been waiting until I had a few things completed before I send the suggestions to my editor.  I wanted to give her the cover copy and the first chapter at the same time AND I wanted to be through this final read of Haunting Desire.  So, look for the winner announcement in the next few weeks.

By the way, in case you haven't heard....Haunting Desire will be out in April 2011.  (It was advertised before as March, but there was a scheduling conflict so April it is.  My birthday is in April and I'm thinking it will be a lucky year for me.  (birthday is 11, year 11).

Happy reading!


Ivy said...

Necessary thing. There are a lot oe elements to this series. I can't wait to see the culmination & how all the pieces fit. Besides, if those i's aren't dotted and t's crossed someone, somewhere, will notice & bring it to the attention of all.
Have fun!

Erin Quinn said...

Oh thanks, Ivy. Way to pour on the pressure. :)

Rayka Mennen said...

Oh my! Is that the cover for Haunting Desire? Double sigh!

Erin Quinn said...

Yes it is the cover and I agree 100%. Love the look of Tiarnan. :)

Nancy Henderson said...

Can't wait to read Haunting Desire!