Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcome the fabulous Calista Fox!

I am so excited to be hosting Calista Fox for the rest of this month! Not only is she a dear friend, but she is an extremely talented and versatile author. I had the EXTREME pleasure of reading her new release, OBJECT OF DESIRE before it was released and providing a cover blurb for her. If you like action and excitement, with a side of champagne and caviar, then you will love Calista's new book.
To help spread the word, I asked Calista a few of my deep, meaningful questions. Here's what she had to say:

Okay, first question: If you were to get a tattoo, what would it say or what would the graphic be? Or, if you already have one, where is it and what’s it look like?

Calista: Oh, boy… I actually had a graphic for a lower-back tattoo professionally designed a couple of years ago! I’m a huge Van Halen fan (note to Edward: please learn to Tweet from rehab so I can follow you on Twitter). If I were to get a tat, it would either be the VH logo, or the graphic I had designed, which is two of EVH’s famous guitars (one black with yellow strips, the other red with white strips) leaning against each other, there necks crossed. It’s very cool. Unfortunately, I’m not just a huge VH fan, I’m also a huge wienie. So… no tat as of yet…

Erin: Now that's funny. Planning for a tattoo you're afraid to get. Me, I'm not so afraid of the needles as I am of gravity. I don't want my cute little rosebud to look like a long step bloom by the time I'm 60, ha ha. So, I opt for no ink on the aging bod.

Next question: What do you keep in the trunk of your car?

Calista: Couple of dead bodies, a tire iron with bloodstains and a 12-pack of double-roll toilet paper. Or, the convertible top and the goop you put in a flat tire to get you to the nearest tire station because there’s absolutely no room for a spare in a two-seater convertible sports car. (But a 12-pack of double-roll toilet paper really will fit in there!)

Erin: And I thought THAT would be the boring question in this interview. I should have known better, lol!

Next question: If you were in the "Miss America" talent competition, what would your talent be?

Calista: Wine sampling, of course. I can’t believe you would even have to ask me this. And I would share, thereby winning the judges over with my magnanimous personality and way-cool guitar tattoo.

Erin: Okay, just snorted my coffee out my nose. You are too funny. We are so going to have fun in DC at the Romance Writers of America National conference. So glad I get the CDs to listen to the workshops later, cuz I'm a'thinking I won't be out of the bar much.

Now, for the all important BOOK question! Tell us about your new release and what YOU think we’ll like about it.

Calista: My July 15 single title release is called OBJECT OF DESIRE, and it’s a very fast-paced, action-packed, ultra-sexy novel! And that’s what I think you’ll like about it. Oh, and the H/H, of course. She’s quite the bad-ass and he’s just… dreamy.

Here’s a little about the book: When treasure hunter and spy Laurel Blackwood raids Victoria Peak in Belize to recover a rare Mexican fire opal rumored to evoke dark desires and passions, she unwittingly sets off a sequence of dangerous events—and finds herself in the midst of a battle between good and evil… and lust and love. Laurel must keep the opal from falling into the hands of a deadly terrorist cell, a greedy Belizean dignitary, and one particularly hot and scandalous treasure hunter named Devon Mallory.

For ten years, Devon has had his eye on the $30 million prized opal and his heart set on winning Laurel for keeps. But her web of secrecy and now her betrayal over recovering the legendary stone without him has Devon hell-bent on stealing the opal from her and collecting on the massive payout. But Devon will have to make a choice soon, and decide which gem is his true object of desire... You can read an excerpt and enter to win my contests on my website at and my blog at Also, follow me (hint, hint, Edward) on Twitter ( and Facebook ( for more fun!Thanks for having me!

Hey, the pleasure was mine, Calista. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to go to to enter this month's contest for Calista's latest Secrets, one of my books, a gift card AND a Haunting Beauty tote bag!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Haunting Beauty Book Trailer

I am so excited! I just got my book trailer ready for prime time! What do you think? Be sure to turn up the sound. I LOVE the music!