Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Story Gift

I did a blog today over at Much Cheaper than Therapy about a story gift I received.  What's a story gift you might ask?  Well, hop on over and find out.  :)  I wonder if anyone else has ever recieved such a wonderful present....

Any writers out there who know what I'm talking about?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Arizona Dreaming here at last!

Last night was check in and a wine and cheese reception for those lucky enough to get tickets.  Guest appearances by cover models (ooo la la!) and lots of fun talking to readers and authors alike.  Can't wait for the day to begin!

We'll be starting with "speed dating" where readers and authors get to meet one on one.  I've never done that before but it sounds like a blast.  Next up, book clubs where readers choose the author they want to talk with and spend time in small groups.  (I have prizes packed away for this!)

And then the dinner where authors host tables with readers (I have a prizes for this too :)

And then more book clubs.  It's going to be such fun.

If you're here, stop by and say hi!   Want to know what you're missing?  Go to: