Saturday, January 8, 2011

Q & A on Erin's books

I've been getting notes from readers asking about my books and whether they need to be read in order.  I thought I should answer here in case others were wondering.

Q:  Is your latest series called the Haunting Series or The Mists of Ireland?
A:  The answer is both, sort of.  :)  A reviewer coined it The Haunting Series after the first book (Haunting Beauty) and the name seemed to stick.  Recently, my publisher has decided that the series is more aptly described by a different name:  THE MISTS OF IRELAND.  So, if you're ordering books online or see the books in the store and you are confused and thinking maybe it's a different series, be confused no more.  :)  Haunting Series and Mists of Ireland are one and the same series.

Q:  Should your Mists of Ireland series be read in order of publication or are the books stand alone?
A:  Both.  Ha!  Honestly, I am one of those readers that always reads books in order, but I know that not all readers come to a series that way.  I have written each book to stand alone and it is my hope that a new reader can start anywhere in the series and enjoy the story.  However, it wouldn't be a series if there wasn't an over-arching theme linking them together and the stories are connected. 

Q:  What is the order of publication of your books?
A:  My Mists of Ireland series was published in this order:
Haunting Beauty, August 2009 
Haunting Warrior, May 2010
Haunting Desire, April 2011
Haunting Embrace, October 2011

Q:  Will there be other Mists of Ireland books following Haunting Embrace?
A:  I have several stories in mind that involved characters from the Mists of Ireland series, however I have not yet worked them out and presented them to my publisher.  New stories, however, will branch away from the four Haunting books and bring in new themes and I expect to bring some closure to the ongoing theme  with Haunting Embrace.

Q:  You also have books published as Erin Grady.  Why the two names?
A:  The name change had to do with my publishers opinion that the Mists of Ireland series was different from my other books and should have a new pen name.  This is very common in publishing.  I believe that while my Erin Grady books are not part of a series, they exhibit the same story telling voice that my Erin Quinn books do.  If you've enjoyed my Quinn books, I think you'll like my Grady books.

Q:  Will your older titles be rereleased?
A:  As soon as I finish Haunting Embrace, I plan to release Echoes and Whispers as eBooks.  You will also be able to order them in print at that time.

I hope I answered all of your questions!  Let me know if you have more!