Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where's Erin?

I've been a bit absent of late--not physically but definitely bloggerly.  :)  I'm down to the final weeks of wrapping up the new book and that is consuming most of my time.  If you entered my pick a title contest and are wondering....haven't decided on the title yet.  Why?  Well, I know as soon as I start talking about the new book to my editor, I'm going to need to give her some things (like the text that goes on the back of the book and other stuff) and I'm making such great forward progress on the writing that I don't want to stop and switch gears.  So, I'll probably be asking her about the time I finish up.  I haven't forgotten though--and I will be announcing soon!  If you have an idea that hasn't been posted already, it's not too late:

I will be spotlighting some new authors in the next weeks and you know...there's always a give away!

Speaking of giveaways, the winner of the Renee Bernard giveaway has been posted.  And Gram--if you're out there, you won the Erin Kellison giveaway but I never heard from you.....

Haunting Beauty
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Haunting Warrior
May 2010
Haunting Desire
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Haunting TBD
October 2011

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