Saturday, December 11, 2010

Are you there world? It's me, Erin

Lordy, the last few months have been insane.  I usually feel like I'm on a dead run, but lately it's been more like a flat out run-for-my-life!!!!  After a big of burn and churn, HAUNTING DESIRE is finally in the can.  The next time I see it will be for a final proofing.  I'm really excited about this one hitting the shelves on April 4, 2011, even though--or especially because--it has consumed so much of my life.

For those of you who have asked, my friend and sister author Tina Gerow is doing much better and we're all hoping for a full recovery!  It will be a long, arduous (and no doubt expensive) journey back to good health, but thanks to all who have already opened their hearts and wallets to Tina.  If you find you have an extra dollar or two, please think of giving this season.  You can find more informtion here.

And then there are the holidays!  I'm trying to keep my spirit energized for the approaching weeks.  As I look around, I can't help but see just how truly blessed I am.  I have my health, my family, and the opportunity to tell my stories.  I am so fortunate.

Hope you'll check back on Wednesday when I host the fabulous Kathryne Kennedy.  She's got a new release, BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS, which is a wonderful trip into her amazing imagination.  One of my favorite of her books.  There's a giveaway......


Carol L. said...

Hi Erin,
Yeah.I'm so glad you're done. Now I'll just countdown to April and wait for Haunting Desire or pre-order on Amazon. I love this series. Wishing you Happy Holidays Erin.
Carol L

Erin Quinn said...

Carol, thank you so much! I'm working on the 4th book right now and this was exactly the motivation I needed to block out the holiday distractions that are so tempting...

Happy Holidays!!!!