Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not much to say of late

My blogging has been decidedly flat of late, but that's because my life has been decidedly stretched. I've still found the time to read some great books written by friends of mine. It's always a pleasure to support a local author, so why don't I shout out about them now?

In the order I read them:

FIRELORD'S LOVER, by Kathryne Kennedy. I actually read this one some time back and it was just fabulous. Seriously, if you haven't read Kathryne Kennedy, you're missing out. She is so talented and imaginative that you'll be swept away completely!

TOUCHED BY AN ALIEN, by Gini Koch. In real life this author is a lot of fun. In fiction, she's even funner. :) Gini writes an action packed, zany adventure with great characters. If you're not a sci-fi fan and are turned off by the cover, don't be. There's some depth in this story that is unique and interesting and lots of laughs.
PLAY FLING, by Amber Scott. Ms. Scott has penned and emotional tale with a lot of hot spice and meddling fun. This romance between an older woman and a younger man goes deeper than the parts and shows all the insecurities and passions that a new relationship--ANY relationship has, but especially one where there are obstacles to surmount. This is the first in a series and a fun read.

A WOMAN OF CHOICE, by Kris Tualla. Kris will actually be stopping by the blog in a couple of weeks to talk about her books. In this one, she takes a slice of American history and gives it a new spin by putting her Norwegian hero in Missouri. She weaves a great tale with romance, deceit, mystery and passion in her debut novel and she does it with a rich historical voice.

SHADOW FALL, by Erin Kellison. Erin's debut novel grabs you from the first chapter and takes you through a harrowing story of a world invaded by soul sucking demons. With a wonderful voice and moving characters, Erin delivers a great tale that continues in a series that certainly going to please. An intriguing and fresh premise makes this all the better.

SEDUCING THE SUCCUBUS, by Cassie Ryan. You want hot? Cassie delivers. In this great action packed novel, you get it all. Angels and Demons--and told in a fresh and innovative way. Succubi and incubi, humans, and Djin, Oh My! Cassie mixes them all up and gives you a passionate tale about the power of love and the wonders of good hot lovin'. This is a first book in a series that promises to be a lot of fun!

Hope you've been reading some good books to.  I'm always open to suggestions so tell me what you've been enjoying lately!

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Wall-to-wall books said...

Oh I think I would like "A Woman of Choice" with the history element to it! I will look forward to seeing her on your blog. Thanks!