Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Five Deaths of Roxanne Love: A Page a Day (29)

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Those who broke ranks found themselves alongside Lucifer, roasting under the seething displeasure of their maker.

He’d seen Abaddon’s messengers and minions tonight and more, like the thing that had followed him. It had been unnatural, even for a creature from the Beyond. And what had been that building pressure he’d felt in Roxanne’s last moments? The hot whip of wind that couldn’t have existed?

Why had they let him leave with Roxanne? Did that mean she was not their target?

Though he was not her brother’s reaper, the twins shared more than a birthday. Reece and Roxanne shared death days, too. Four of them, counting tonight.

He disliked the turn of his thoughts. Disliked that they led him away from the prize. And he fucking hated that he could feel the human urging them on.

Creatures of the Beyond had manifested in Roxanne’s restaurant tonight. Now he couldn’t just reap her and return home as if he hadn’t seen it. Nor could he go back to the Beyond and report it. He shouldn’t be here. If he was caught, he’d be banished to Abaddon.

Both demon and domain, Abaddon stood for and personified evil and darkness. Abaddon made hell look like paradise. If at all possible, the reaper—Santo, an irritated voice in his head reprimanded—would like to avoid it.

That left him one course of action. He couldn’t reap Roxanne Love.


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