Sunday, August 18, 2013

Five Deaths of Roxanne Love: A Page a Day (27)

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She belonged to him, this woman who’d slipped through his grasp like a wind, who’d engaged him in a predator’s hunt, turning him into a stalking animal that needed to feed. Now was the time. Now was the chance.

And still he hesitated as Santo’s emotions whispered through his subconscious, urging him to stop. To think. Why did this female hold such power over him? Why did she defy the natural order of life and death? Why did she return to the human world when she was meant to move on?

“Why do you live, Roxanne Love?”

It astounded him that he’d never thought to ask before. He’d been so focused on how that he’d never considered the bigger question. He’d attributed Roxanne’s ability to escape her fate to some errant gene, some throwback trait. It happened. Some humans had special senses. Some could see the dead, some could see the future, and others still could move matter with their minds, start fires with a thought, heal sickness with a wish. No one understood why. In the grand scheme, what did why matter?

But once asked, he couldn’t ignore the question.

Why? Why did this woman cheat death?

Curiosity filled him as he glanced at her lifeless form. Who was she? Why had having her become so vital to him? Important enough to drag him from his world to hers?


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