Thursday, August 15, 2013

Five Deaths of Roxanne Love: A Page a Day (24)

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The creature snarled at him before it disappeared back into the restaurant, leaving him with the unsettling idea that he’d been spared.

He’d never seen anything like it before, couldn’t hazard a guess about what manner of beast it was. But he’d seen cunning in those lantern eyes and he couldn’t

mistake the feeling burrowing deep inside him now. Fear.

Fear. In a reaper.

In his arms, Roxanne lay bloodied and completely still. Her heart had stopped beating. Her labored breath had fallen silent. Her skin had chilled.

Dead by any assessment, right on time.

Except he knew her lungs would fill again and those startling eyes would open. If he let them.

He’d come to reap her, after all.

He’d crossed from the Beyond, breaking the laws of the Otherworld to experience her death on both planes. He’d fantasized about it, waiting impatiently for the call that her time had arrived once again.

His plan had been simple. Fire for them both. End it all with flames that would destroy her human body at the same time it devoured the one he’d taken. It was easy. Clean. Irrevocable.

So why didn’t he act?

Was it because he’d seen her now with human vision that discerned detail and dimension he’d never known as a reaper? Vision that perceived nuance and sensitivity? 


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