Saturday, August 9, 2008

Where's Erin?

Wow, the past couple of weeks have been insanely busy and sometimes completely wonderful, sometimes not so much. The day J-O-B is taking its toll on me, but trying not to let it completely run my world. Trying being the key word of that statement. There was no writing day for me this week and my so-called vacation was spent on line, on the phone or worrying about the fact that I wasn't online or on the phone. sigh. My kids returned to school this week (and my baby started high school!). Very hectic and exciting all around.

But the wonderful part took place last weekend in San Francisco at RWA national meeting. Wow, what a fabulous conference this year. The location was stellar, of course, but I think for me the best part this year was that I knew so many people. 4 years ago I went to Dallas (or Houston? Can't remember which) and I knew 3 people. After that I joined my local RWA chapter with one goal--meet some fellow authors. I got so much more than that out of my membership that I could blog for a week and not cover it, but suffice to say I did reach my goal.

Every corner I turned, every elevator ride or stroll through the lobby, I ran into someone I knew. It was joyous. There were smiles and excitement and hugs and well wishes. Fellow Desert Rose member and author Calista Fox and I hung out together, did the bar thing and found ourselves in a dive that should have probably been condemned but made an awesome sirloin burger. Calista has a single title coming out next year that sounds amazing. The next day I had lunch with my lovely friend Sylvia Day who is fun and kind and knows more about our industry than I could ever hope to know. Sylvia has a new series coming out from Tor under the name SJ Day. EVE OF DARKNESS is the first book and I picked up an advanced reading copy at the Tor signing. So far it's nothing short of fantastic.

I was invited to a wine and cheese party hosted by Harry and Susan Squires--friends from the pre-published days. Two nicer people you'd be heard pressed to meet--and both exceptionally talented. Susan's books are fabulous (and many, starting with her first which won the Golden Heart, called Danegeld.) Harry writes as HR Knight and his What Rough Beast is exceptional. At their party I met Barbara Vey of Publishers Weekly and learned that I have definitely missed the boat when it comes to Buffy the Vampire slayer. I must see get those dvds and watch that series.

Then my CP and bestest friend Lynn flew in and we had several days of good food, good drink and great company. We brainstormed until our poor brains were mushy and both of us worked out major plot issues with our WIPs. What a relief and a great session.

Then came lunch with my editor Kate Seaver. My first lunch with my editor--but I hope not my last. She is as bright and charming as I could hope and I am very excited to be in this creative partnership with her. I'm looking forward to many books to come. :-)

By the time I reached the airport on Sunday, I was exhausted. Happy, but exhausted. But no rest awaited. I found more friends on my same flight and the hour before we took off was spent happily talking about, you guessed it, books and writing.

I came home with great memories, 31 books I can't wait to read, and total motivation to get on with my new book. Now, if I could just get the day job to give me a break, life would be close to perfect!

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