Sunday, August 24, 2008

Highlights and lowlights....

I've been hard at work on my WIP. First draft is done except for the ending, which I usually don't write until the end of the second draft anyway. I write about 3-5 drafts before I feel it's ready for readers, so I'm still early in the process. But I like what is going on with the story and I feel like it's all coming together as I envisioned. I'm so behind on my life, though! Sheesh. I need to send out my contest winners, update the website, take care of all the other little details. It's never ending.

This weekend I received some great news. Diana Gabaldon has given me a quote for HAUNTING BEAUTY! I can't believe it. She read the manuscript and she liked it. I think I'm as excited about her name being on my cover as I am about my own, LOL. This is what she said:

"A complex, mysterious and very satisfying story! I'm amazed that anyone can fit such a good story into so relatively few pages."

I'm just pleased as can be. Still waiting on the cover art so I can do a redesign on my website and start spreading the word about the book.

On the job continues to suck the life out of me. I need a vacation.

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