Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Productive day...

I'm still so excited about the quote from Diana Gabaldon that I want to tell everyone I meet. Of course, the people who don't know me are really starting to give me strange looks, but who cares. Diana Gabaldon called HAUNTING BEAUTY "A complex, mysterious and very satisfying story!"

Today was productive although it didn't start out that way. I began with taking care of business. I updated my website, announced last contest winner and posted a new one. This month I'm giving away a copy of CEREMONY OF SEDUCTION written by Cassie Ryan who just happens to be a friend of mine. It's hot and steamy (as you might guess by the cover) and it's the first of a series so if you're a fan of erotic romance, be sure to enter.

Then I found myself doing a bunch of busy work and accomplishing nothing. It wasn't until this afternoon that I finally started writing with any focus. Once I got my head into the game, I made progress and that felt good. This is my first time to write a book that is part of a series and it comes with its own challenges--new ones that are a bit daunting. It's only natural for readers to compare book one to book two, right? Well it's only natural for authors to live in fear of readers comparing the first and second and finding one lacking. I hadn't really thought of that going in, but now that it has occurred to me, gulp, I'm shaking in my shoes.

Challenges, challenges, challenges....

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