Sunday, July 20, 2008

At last...

After days on end of making zero progress, I finally got some traction yesterday and moved forward. Whew, those are the hardest days, I think. Last weekend I advanced my story a grand total of 4 paragraphs. And they weren't even good paragraphs. I wrote more on my blog than I did on my book.

But yesterday I hammered out 13 pages so I'm feeling much better. Those pages took me past that sticking point and now I'm hitting the home stretch. My goal has been to have my first draft completed before I go to RWA in San Fran. I may not make it, but I think I'll come in close.

I'm really looking forward to the trip. I have lots of friends who are going to be there and my CP and friend, Lynn, is coming as well. We both really need a brainstorming session and she surpasses all for that. Of course there will be copious amounts of alcohol consumed and probably queasy stomachs and headaches the morning after, but it will be fun. :)

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