Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irony is my life

It's so true.  I started this little feature on my blog to talk about books on Wednesday and then I started a class where I have to read all the Harry Potter books and do a critical analysis on them at the same time.  It was okay during the first few books because they were relatively short, but now I'm into the meaty ones and so that's all I'm reading.  Don't get me wrong, they are great!  But you all have been giving me some awesome recommendations and now I can't wait to do ME reading.  Sigh.

So, tease me with your reading lists.  What have you been reading?


kolleen Elvira Scaff said...

I have been reading Laurell Hamilton's Merry Gentry Series, and Joel Rosenberg's The Guardian of the Flame Novels and some Civil War Books. I always hated when I couldn't read what I wanted to read during classes because of reading assignments, while I loved the books (haven't found one I didn't like yet) I still like to ramble around in different books.

from Facebook, followed your link about the posting :) Good luck on your class and reading the Harry Potter series.

nightreader said...

Erin, I found the Harry Potter books very fast to read, even the big ones. Before I retired, everyone at work (grandmas too) was reading these in the lunchroom, it was really quite funny.
I have just finished the following in no particular order:
The Rhino with Glue-on Shoes, great book of short stories by wildlife vets, photos too.
Stunt Road by Gregory Mose, imagine building a similar program to astrology based on pure math!
Dead Write by Sheila Rowe - Forensics? How about forensic handwriting mysteries? 3rd book in series.
Able Danger by Kensington Roth, espionage spy thriller: Who will take over the world?
Currently reading:
Ravenstone by Deborah Cannon, Haida archaeological mystery, 3rd in series.

Anna L. Walls said...

I love Harry Potter. You should try out the audio books. The narrator is really quite impressive. One man, and he does ALL the voices. You wouldn't know it. Fabulous.

Barbara E. said...

I'm reading Nicole Peeler's Tempest Rising. It's a wonderful paranormal and I'm really enjoying it. I recently read Katie MacAlister's Steamed, a fabulous steampunk romance.

Erin Quinn said...

Kolleen, I really enjoyed the Merry Gentry books. I'm way behind on the series though.

Nightreader--good recommendations! I haven't read any of those yet. Come on summer when I'll have more time....

Anna, I am listening to them and reading at the same time. I listen during my work commutes and then come home, find the place I left off and read the book, then back to my car, skip a bunch of tracks to where I finished last night.... NO WONDER I'm so crazy. ha ha.

Barbara, sounds like my kind of books! I will check them out when I get done with HP.

Modokker said...

I just finished Haunting Beauty! Loved it. Very different from other paranormals i've read. There is no predictablity in it. You have to guess all the way thru and you really can't even do that. lol I wasn't sure i'd like it based on the back cover because it was different. I was wrong. I've also read Erin McCarthy hard and Fast and Linda Lael Miller Mackenzie's mission and then re read a few favorites. Can't wait for Haunting Warrior. I'm hooked!