Thursday, March 25, 2010

Holy Batshit!

I just looked at my calendar and realized Haunting Warrior is going to be on shelves in just about 5 weeks!  It felt like forever to wait and now it's almost here.  It's like those last weeks of pregnancy--anxious, excited, hoping no fingers or toes are missing (metaphorically of course) and praying the delivery is quick and painless. 

My Harry Potter update--1/4 through book 5, Order of Phoenix.  Man, is Rowling a genuis or WHAT????  How did she think up all that stuff?  Loving them, but will be glad when I'm through it all.  Why?  Because in the next 5 weeks I have the following to do:

1.  Day job--never goes away
2.  Finish reading 2 1/2 monster sized HP books, write 3 papers and a final term paper
3.  Finish writing Haunting Desire, turn it in
4.  Finish scheduling appointments for the Desert Dreams conference (I am the appointment chair because, obviously, I don't have enough going on in my life and I'm a freaking CRAZY woman)
5.  Finally get my well-deserved nervous break down-- oh wait, no I don't.  I have to then start promoting Haunting Warrior because it releases the day after I turn in Haunting Desire.
6.  Now do I get my breakdown?

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