Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Okay, so still not keeping up with my book talk Wednesdays but I'm at #5 on the Harry Potter books--no wait, I'm on #6.  Really, although I'm whining abit about having to read them, it's no torture.  Rowling is such a genius!  Even though I've seen the movies, I'm still engrossed, finally understanding those things that didn't make sense in the movies.  But I am looking forward to "recreational" reading when I'm done.  Several of my favorite authors have new releases that I'm dying to dive into.

How's it going with my latest book, HAUNTING DESIRE?  Well I'm happy to report it's going swimmingly (and not in the help, I'm drowning way.)  I always have aha moments when I'm writing.  With HAUNTING BEAUTY it was when I realized that Sean was....uh, well if you read it you know.  See, I didn't realize that particular twist until I was about 1/3 way into writing.  And with HAUNTING WARRIOR, it was when I realized that--oops, can't tell that one either and since no one has read it, I really better not go there.  Anyway, I had that moment with HAUNTING DESIRE and I got that shivery, shrink-wrap feeling that pulled everything together and made me think I actually might pull off another book.  :)

Be sure to stop by on Friday.  I'll be featuring debut author Gini Koch and talking about her new release TOUCHED BY AN ALIEN.  I tell you, if her book is half as much fun as Gini herself, it's going to be a big winner!  I'm sure there will be a giveaway in there too, so don't be a stranger!

As for goals....I am right on track with mine.  How about you?  Any outrageous goals you've made that you're surprising yourself by hitting?

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