Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Writer Being

I've been blogging a lot on writing and what it means to be a writer. Being a writer is unlike being an accountant or a business manager. Yes, continuous development is important in any career, but being a writer is all about the BEING. What you do is also what you are.

Writing is immersed in every moment of my day. No conversation I have is safe from a sudden zone out, where a word, a gesture or the slant of light across the floor might suddenly propel me into a revelation about my current story. And suddenly, though the phone is still pressed to my ear or my friend is still talking, I'm no longer there. I'm off in my own world being a writer.

Not too long ago I was sitting on a good friend's patio on a mild summer afternoon in San Diego. We were talking away and suddenly, a huge problem in my plot that had been tormenting me suddenly unlocked. I cut her off in the middle of a sentence--do you have something I can write on? For a few minutes I furiously scribbled down points that probably looked like gibberish to her. Finished, I apologized. She just laughed and said no need to apologize. After 20 years of friendship, she should have known to have paper and pen ready.

I am forever grateful to have friends who understand me.

The new book is shaping up and I can't wait to back to it. It's delaying work on my new Erin Quinn Books website, but I can't seem to step away long enough to work on that. Being a writer also means knowing not to stop when the muse is with you. :-)

Hey, if you're interested in some great writing tips on plotting, check out Connie Flynn's writing lesson over at the Much Cheaper Than Therapy Blog.

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