Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The worst reasons....

I've never been a big Danielle Steel fan and for the worst reason--one I can't believe I'm guilty of. I've never actually read one of her books, but I've heard they are all alike. This reasoning is, in fact, one of my pet peeves when I hear someone say it. How can you possibly pass judgement on a book or writer when you've never read them?

What prompts me to make this terrible confession now is a recent article from publishers lunch about Ms. Steel. The article is about a charitable mission Ms. Steel has been on to aide the homeless of our country. It touched my heart in many ways and made me stop and ask why I'd never thought I would enjoy her books. Anyone who can write with such honesty and heart about the suffering of people, anyone who could give so much to help ease their pain, has to be an amazing author. Shame on me for making assumptions and passing judgement.

In fact, Ms. Steel's effort has been done in a selfless manner since she began and her decision to come forth now is based on the need for more people to help--not for personal recognition.

It is part of my personal dream to reach a level of success where I can play a role in helping others like Danielle Steele and Brenda Novak have and I think it's inspiring that these women have used their own success to help out someone in need.

It's never too early or too late to help and I am determined to follow in these footsteps and stop thinking about helping others and start doing. Hope you'll join me. :-)

If you're interested in the article on Danielle Steel, you'll find it here:

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