Friday, March 2, 2012

How TMoblie Gouges

I don't use my blog to rant much, but I am so furious right now that I can't help myself.  My family left Tmobile after we got fed up with poor service and with the fact that they couldn't resolve their differences with apple so we could get iPhones.  They charged me $200 a line to leave--and this included a line that one of their sales folks had talked me into years ago as a sales promo--but then when it was time to renew and i tried to get rid of it, they told me it would cost me money to do it.

So I had a line I had never, EVER used, never had a phone attached to--NADA and I had to pay $200 for it, too.  I sucked it up and paid the fees.  But then they sent me another bill that says I ow an additional $346 on top of the $1000 I just paid because I dared to leave them to go to another provider.  If I'd called them to cancel, they would have stopped the billing on my service instantly.  But since a provider took me over, they billed me for the rest of the month--EVEN THOUGH I DIDN'T HAVE SERVICE!!!!  Can you believe that?  How is that not GOUGING????

Anyone else have cell phone nightmare stories?  Help me spread the word about Tmobile.  Read ever single stupid fine print line and don't trust their people to tell you all the fees when you talk to them.


KhelseyJackson said...

I had Tmoblie 2 years ago. I gave them my bank infor to take the money out. I was behind so they would only take it from my checking not my debit card. Well I woke up and check my checking acc and found out that the over charged me! They took 2 months out and I only had enough for what they said that they were going to take. So I called them and they tell me that they can not return the money to my bank and to look at it this way. I dont have to pay next month. With overdraft fee my $100 bill turned into $500s! I never paid a another cent to them! I owe them like $800 now.

ibeeeg said...

Oh wow! This is one thing I hate about cell phone plans. They get you if you want to leave before the two year contract is up.
I have had issues with sprint, but for the most part, they have been positive. Although, I have yet to try and leave them. I also try really hard to keep our bill to the minimum. We do not have data plan type phones. I hope I can keep it that way.

What company did you switch over to?
We my switch to Verizon next summer. My oldest, 21 years old, has Verizon and claims that have great service with great reception.

Erin Quinn said...

ibeeeg, I went to Verizon for several reasons--1 Tmobile service at the university where my kid goes to school is non existent and I couldn't get ahold of her. All the other providers put in new towers but not Tmobile. Second, I wanted an iPhone and Tmobile couldn't get their act together and work out whatever their issue is with Apple.

Khelsey, that's nuts. And of course they should be able to give you your money back. And they should have paid the charges they caused too! That's terrible!