Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome Donna Grant!

It is such a pleasure to host Donna Grant--author extraordinaire and  all around fabulous person!   She's talking about Highlanders and her latest installment in her terrific series.  And...there's a giveaway so be sure to leave a comment (with email addy, please!)!  Enjoy!


I’m glad to be back at Erin’s blog.  Not only is she a wonderful person, but I’m in love with her books!  She has such a beautiful way with words that sucks me into her worlds instantly. 

Hmm…Highlanders.  Just saying the word makes me envision muscular, alpha men who are bold and daring.  Seductive and tempting.  Rugged and roguish.   

What makes Highlanders so very. . . enticing?  For me its part of the people they were/are.  They are one with their land as few are.  Their love of Scotland runs deep in their blood as is seen by their bloody and violent history defending it.

Yet it’s also because there is something amazingly appealing about a man in a kilt.  Maybe it’s a getting to see those muscular legs or knowing what they are – or aren’t as the case goes – wearing beneath those tartans. J

But I think its because there’s a look a Highlander has that says he’s tough enough and strong enough for whatever comes his way.

There’s nothing I love more than a brawny man in a kilt with a sword ready to defend what is his.

What is it that appeals to you about Highlanders?

I’ll be giving away a copy of the third book in my Dark Sword series, WICKED HIGHLANDER to a commenter.  So talk to me. J

Look for my upcoming release on April 27th, the fourth book, UNTAMED HIGHLANDER.

Druid-born and magic-blessed, Isla is one of the deadliest she-devils ever to serve the forces of darkness. As an immortal Highland warrior, it’s up to Hayden Campbell to destroy her and her kind. But for Hayden, Isla is more than a sworn enemy. She is temptation...
Taking Isla captive, Hayden hopes to avenge his kinsmen who died by Druid magic. But when he looks into Isla’s eyes, he sees the secrets of her past. When he touches her skin, he feels the passion in her soul. And soon Hayden comes to realize that this beautiful, beguiling woman is not his enemy at all—she is his destiny. And, even as the forces of darkness conspire against them, their love will conquer all...

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Melanie S. said...

Hi Donna!
congrats on your newest release - I can't wait to get my hands on it! I just read book #1 and I really enjoyed it :)
I love the fact that for Highlanders loyalty and family are the most important things.
wish you all the best, Melanie

booksforalleternity at gmail dot com

Donna Grant said...

Thanks, Melanie! :)

ann alba said...

Hi Donna do think its a coincidence that this blog is called QUINN'S Essentials :-)
I love this line ...
There’s nothing I love more than a brawny man in a kilt with a sword ready to defend what is his.
you hit the nail on the head and he doesnt have to be Scottish but goodness it helps (snickers). I can't wait to get Haydens book Congrats on the upcoming release Lass sales will go through the ROOF.
have a good one Ann/alba

ann alba said...

silly me forgot to leave my addy btw I am a GFC

US Military Wife said...

Hi Donna!
Oh boy do I need to get a hold of your Highlanders.....fanning it hot in here? :)

Monua Cary said...

My copy is on its way! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Way to go. I can not wait to read it! I love all your books. They put this nursing students mind at ease!!!!

Donna Grant said...

Ann - thank you, sweetie! And I immediately think of you every time I come to Erin's blog. :D

April - lol. Thank you! I hope you pick up one of my books. ;)

Monua - whoohoo! Thank you!

Anon - awww! Thank you. :D

Karen K. Short said...

Hello Donna,

Just wanted to know if there going to be any new characters in your new book? Well, I definitely fined out tomorrow. Love your books.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get the new release. Looking forward to reading it. Your such a great writer and one of my favorites!!

Lorie W. said...

Hey Donna!
Just wanted to give you a shoutout. I can not wait to get your book on my nook tonight. I love your Highlanders/Warriors. Here is to sales going through the roof.

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Highlanders - Well they seemed to be intune with their surroundings, they embraced the heritage from language to the old ways passed down, and yes those kilts. Rawr

Chelsea Rafferty said...

New follower :) Sent by Dangerous Women :D Well, got an email anyways and it made me curious :)

What is it that appeals to you about Highlanders?

For me personally I think what appeals to me most about Highlanders is that we just don't have men like that in our current age/technology. There is just something appealing about having this strong, sexy, alpha in a kilt that loves you and adores you and treasures you.. I'm sure they had more active erm love life's as well... Like hello? No internet back in the day so they made babies lol :P Never read yours but I'll add it to my TBR list because even though I like paranormal I can't resist a good Viking or Highlander book :) email is swtlilangel4jc At yahoo dot com.

Amy said...

I love how fierce and protective Highlanders are. They are the ultimate Alpha males. They also have that charming brogue! ;)


Chrisbails said...

Hi Donna, congrats on the new release. thank you for the giveaway and thanks for writing such great books. would love to win this book. have read the first book of the series and would love to win this one. I have to go out and pick up the second book still. thanks for the chance to win.

Donna Grant said...

Karen - I usually always introduce new characters in my books. :)

Okcowgrl - thank you!

Lori - Yay! Thanks, doll!

Raonaid - whohoo!

Chelsea - thanks! I hope you like the books. :)

Amy - I'm such a sucker for that brogue!

Christine - thank you! :D

Beach said...

First of all, I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!! Highlander, just the word makes me all tingly! I true love that rugged, big strong man that can also be totally devoted to the love of his life! The kilt is a plus also!!

WK said...

OHHh I love your HIghlanders!!! Congrats on the release I can't wait to get my hands on this one. As for loving Highlanders, I think for me it's partly in the blood. As I'm part Scottish and there's something about highlanders, all that strong alpha energy and loyalty and good looks!!! It just all appeals.

Chelsea Rafferty said...

Donna I'm sure I will love them :D I'm a sucker for Highlanders *grins*

Betty said...

Hi donna. I can't wait to read your new book! Highlander's are just sooo sexy. So stong and sure of themselves. Plus that scottish accent makes my knees go weak :)

ChrisS said...

Erin and Donna, First off let me say both of you are awesome authors and I love your books.

Highlanders are my favorite type Hero. Just seeing a Highlander on the cover or seeing Highlander in the title and I can't help but sigh. There is an earthy strength and power I see in a Highlander. They are bold, courageous and exciting. Add in tall, dark and ruggedly handsome and it's a magical mix for me. I love my Highlanders and can't get enough of them. sigh...

Anonymous said...

Love your books and this series is awesome.Highlanders what is there not to admire,enjoy and love.They are strong,handsome,brooding and sexy as all get out.
Congrats on this great release.

Unknown said...

I have these books on my TBR list!!! What do I like most about a Highlander? Their love for their family. The Brogue. a man with an accent -- especially that one. I'm dying to read your books! I'm calling the library tomorrow to see if they have them! I can't buy anything until the disability papers are all signed and!!!

Love to read about it all on FB though! I keep up with your page regularly!

blazesandbubbles AT gmail DOT com

LilMissMolly said...

Hi Donna and Erin!
Highlanders, time travel and beautiful country. What more could we ask for? (sigh)
lvsgund at

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read it!!! Highlanders rule in this house.I would love to win this book!!!

Hilleary Peterson said...

Just saying Hi, and led here by Barbara vey, and finding new authors to read

Mary Preston said...

The Dark Sword series is new to me, yes I hang my head in shame. I will be chasing them up to read from here on on.


C.S. Maxwell said...

There is a lot to be said about a Highlander...they are strong, loyal, fierce, and dress for easy access...but I get weak-kneed over their :)

JeanMP said...

Hi Donna!
Huge congratulations on your newest release. Look forward to reading it. Love Highlanders for their strength, their loyalty to those they hold dear and gotta love the kilts!

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Donna Grant said...

Beach - thank you so much! :)

Wendy - thank you!

Betty - I know! I love the accent. Get's me every time!

ChrisS - thank you. :)

April - I agree! And thank you!

Bakin - Let's hope the paperwork gets filled out soon. And thank you! :)

LilMissMolly - lol. Exactly!

dlynnpen - whohoo! :D

Hilleary - glad you came and it's nice to meet you. I adore Barbara!

Marybelle - lol. No worries! Hope my Highlanders get your attention. ;)

trishd - lol! I love it!

Jean - thank you!

Wendy A said...

Congrats on your release day.Highlanders are so sexy.Can't wait to read it.

EdgesAngel23 said...

Hi Donna!!
I'm a member of your street team :) I love Highlanders because they are so loyal and just so alpha male sexy!! (Ooh and the accents!! Gotta love the way they talk!!)
Ashley A

Joni said...

I can't wait to read the new book. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks.

o2oole (at)

Donna Grant said...

Wendy A - thank you!

Ashely - yay! Thank you!!

Joni - I hope you enjoy it. :)

Modokker said...

LOVE my Highlanders. Julie Garwood turned me on to them and now i enjoy them everywhere i go lol OK that sounded dirty but really i meant in books of course. I love those alpha male highlanders and their take charge attitudes. I have not read one of your books Donna but if Erin says their good i'm going to have to check them out.

Lisa B

modokker at yahoo dot com

Erin Quinn said...

And the winner is.....

Jean P said...
skpetal at hotmail dot com
April 26, 2011 6:09 AM

Congratulations, Jean!

And, because it was so much fun hosting Donna, I'm going to select another winner who wins Reader's Choice of Haunting Beauty or Haunting Warrior (print or kindle)
And that winner is.....

US Military Wife said...
April 25, 2011 3:32 PM

Congratulations April!

I'll be in touch with you both about your prizes!