Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Haunting Desire Book Trailer

I've been dying to share this and now I can!  Check out the trailer for Haunting Desire!


Julie G said...

Sweet!! I can't wait! :D

Modokker said...

Awesome! Did you put this on Facebook this week? I totally missed it if you did. Can't wait!

Lisa B

Waleska S. said...

I love that trailer! Can't wait to read Haunting Desire. I'm completely booked this weekend so I can't make it to the Tucson Festival. Will HD be available at any of the local bookstores here in Chandler/Phoenix?

Erin Quinn said...


Lisa--I think I posted it, but I'll do it again.

Waleska, It should be at all bookstores on April 5. :)