Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back to reality

The trouble with vacations is coming back.

In the past I've counteracted this tragedy with taking my work with me--so in fact, I never leave.  This trip was different.  I needed to unplug or lose my mind.  So I unplugged.  I lounged on the beach reading other people's books and enjoying myself immensely.  But now I'm back and oh, do I have catch up to do.  My tan is fading and I still can't get adjusted to my time zone.  However, I do feel like I had a vacation and I'm ready...if not quite get back to work.  Picture to the right is of me parasailing.  So fun.  We saw a whole school of dolphins below us as we floated in the air.

But before I put my nose to the grindstone, I need to shout out about some great books I read over my vacation.  I was a pre-reader for Kathryne Kennedy's next installment in her ELVEN LORD'S series.  Fabulous and imaginative--readers who loved THE FIRE LORD'S LOVER will be charmed and engrossed by THE LADY OF THE STORM.

Next, I devoured Nalini Singh's BONDS OF JUSTICE.  I'm a huge Nalini fan and her Psy-Changling stories are among my favorites.  BONDS didn't disappoint.  Put it this way--I didn't want to go to dinner because I wanted to keep reading and I really hate to miss a meal.  I'm still--ANXIOUSLY--awaiting Hawk's story (hint, hint, Nalini) but every story in this series is just wonderful.  Not only are her Psy-Changlings riveting, but her Angel series is fabulous too.

From there I jumped into the TIME WEAVER by Shana Abé.  Shana's writing is like music.  She creates such a rich and lush world that it's really hard to leave it.  The one more page syndrome had me with THE TIME WEAVER and I got a major sunburn because I didn't want to move.  Totally worth it.  Zane reappears who is one of my favorite of her characters.  If you haven't read Shana, really, you're missing out.  She is so incredibly gifted that I feel like a hack whenever I finish one of her books.

Then I picked up a reader recommendation--I can't remember WHO told me to read this author, but I am so grateful.  I'm just loving Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson books.  I started MOON CALLED at the airport and finished it shortly after getting home.  Couldn't wait to get the second,  BLOOD BOUND and last night I started the third, IRON KISSED.  I love her weave of history, magic, legend and the "real" world.

There are two books I didn't get to read on vacation that I have burning a hole in my TBR.  One is Jennifer Ashley's LADY ISABELLE'S SCANDALOUS MARRIAGE.  Jennifer recently won the Crown Books Award for the first in this series, THE MADNESS OF LORD IAN MACKENZIE which is on my keeper shelf forever.  So incredibly good.  If you love Regency, you will love Jennifer's books (although she doesn't just write Regency.  Jennifer is so versatile that she has two successful pen names--Jennifer Ashley and Allyson James--her new STORMWALKER as Allyson is fabulous..

The second is Gini Koch's TOUCHED BY AN ALIEN.  I have heard such amazing things about this book that I can't wait to read it.  There are more books in this series so I want to read the first so I can be salivating with her other fans for the next!

And now...well, I'm off to get my page count in on the last of the HAUNTING books.  If you've suggested a title, the results aren't in yet, so stay tuned.  I will announce when I have them for you!

BTW, check out the new widget for HAUNTING DESIRE!  (top right of this page)

And tell me....what are you reading that you want to shout out about?

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Wall-to-wall books said...

Hi Erin, Glad to have you back! It sounds like you had a good vacation. I have always wanted to try parasailing!! I always hate coming back from vacations! All those people say "Oh its so good to be back home." NOT me! I could live on permanent vacation!
Well now it is my turn! I am going away for 2 weeks! My post on Monday will be my good-bye post.
Oh, and I got a nice little package from Kathryne Kennedy! 2 bookmarks (which I love) 2 emery boards (which I love) and 2 signed bookplates (I think that's what they are, which I love!) LOL. I will have to thank her!