Monday, May 3, 2010


Holy Batshit!  Do you see my counter???  Hours!  That's right HOURS until HAUNTING WARRIOR releases.  Squeeeee!!!!!

And guess what?  Another great review just posted.  Amy at Romance Book Wyrm said: 

"Haunting Warrior was both fascinating and compelling in its originality and the beautiful prose that sweeps you along throughout the pages. This is a must read series, in my opinion!  Another 5 star read!"

Read the entire review at Romance Book Wyrm

Who else has said great things about HAUNTING WARRIOR?

All About Romance:

" edge of my seat thriller. I couldn't wait to see how Rory and Saraid were going to overcome their difficulties, outwit their enemies, and defeat the evil known as the Book of Fennore."

The Romance Reader's Connection

"Erin Quinn is a new author to me and this book, HAUNTING WARRIOR was an enthralling read. Her mélange of paranormal, time travel and romance is outstanding! I recommend you grab a copy and settle down for an exciting journey!"


Wall-to-wall books said...

Haha, you are so cute! Its like you are giving birth to a new child!

Erin Quinn said...

It's just like that, right down to the sleepless nights worrying that it will have some strange birth defect and the other kids will make fun of it.