Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome Kathryne Kennedy

It is my great pleasure to have Kathryne Kennedy as my featured author this month--so much so that I'll be featuring her into part of June to give my readers some extra time to enter my contest for a chance to win DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT, the second book in her exciting series.

Kathryne stopped by the ol' blog pub to chat with me and I asked some probing, earth-shattering questions.

Erin (earth shattering question #1): What thought or message would you want to put in a fortune cookie?

Kathryne (revealing answer #1): Your life will always be filled with family, friends, and laughter.

E: What a great answer. I completely agree. There are too many days that my family, friends and a little maniacal laughter is all that stands between me and insanity.

Okay, so if you had to give up a favorite food, which would be the most difficult to give up?

K: Chocolate! Take anything else away from me, but not my chocolate.

E: LOL. I agree--although it would be a toss-up for me between bread and chocolate. I do love my carbs. What is one item that you really should throw away, but probably never will?

K: Oh, dear. I’m not a hoarder. My husband is, though, and he drives me nuts with the things he will keep because he might need them ten years from now (at which time he forgets he even has them). So, if anything should be thrown away, I do it. No remorse.

E: I come from a long line of hoarders. My grandmother had an entire room in her house that was floor to ceiling boxes. If she needed it again, she'd never find it. My mom tries to be better, but somethings are ingrained. When I married, my husband broke me of that habit. I don't hoard at all anymore--however, I do occasionally toss something and then later wish I hadn't.

Final question, and guess what? It's a book question—favorite hero you’ve ever written. Why?

K: Whenever I finish a book, it’s my favorite. Until I start a new one. So it would have to be Nico in Enchanting the Beast. He’s very earthy and predatory, and at the same time, young and impulsive. He protects those around him possessively, and yet can allow them the freedom to be their selves. He’s a were-wolf, and embraces that side of himself, maybe a bit too much. His inherent humanity is always at odds with his beast. He’s got dark brown hair liberally streaked with blond, which constantly flops over his face, hiding his eyes and thoughts from others. His dark brown eyes have flecks of gold in them, and when he wants something they glitter with determination…sigh. I fell for Nico hard while writing this book. :}

E: Hell, I fell from him just from this paragraph of description. He sounds WONDERFUL.

So other than sexy Nicol, tell us about your new release and why YOU think we’ll love it.

K: ENCHANTING THE BEAST is about ghost-hunter Philomena Radcliff, who is hired to solve the mystery of Sir Nicodemus Wulfson’s haunted castle. Nico is a were-wolf who has more difficulties than a few angry spirits. Phil is a spinster who finds herself extraordinarily attracted to the young Sir Nico, and is soon tangled up with him in more ways than just hunting for his ghosts.

If you love Gothic romances, ghost-hunting, a world of magic, Victorian history, a murder mystery, a love story between a younger man and an older woman and shape-shifters of all sorts and sizes, you should love ENCHANTING THE BEAST.

E: Oh there's no doubt I'm going to love it. I'm one of your biggest fans and I think your books are fantastic. You have been receiving amazing reviews for this one too so I know I'm not alone in loving it.

Readers, if you'd like to win a copy of DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT, Book II in this fabulous series, stop by at and enter. I'll also throw in an amazon gift certificate and a copy of one my previously published titles.

Thank you Kathryne for stopping by. I know you are very busy right now creating your great NEW series which will be debuting in the not too distant future. To learn more about Kathryne Kennedy, visit her website at


Anonymous said...

Hi Erin and Kathryne. Just stopping by to say hi. Great insight. I'll be sure not to take any of your chocolate next time I see you Kathryne:)

Author Kathryne Kennedy said...

LOL, Kim. As long as I have plently, I love to share. :}

Erin Quinn said...

Well I'm thinking I'll bring a loaf of bread for me and a box of chocolate for Kathryne next time I see her, lol.

Thanks for stopping by Kim!

Laska Leopoldo said...

Is it too late to trade in my husband??? Haha.... no seriously. :)

Tina Swayzee McCright said...

How funny - I just saw you an hour ago. I got home and read about your interview and had to stop by. Very interesting. I didn't know your husband is a horder. I wouldn't have guessed that.

Looking forward to your next book.

Erin Quinn said...

Hi everyone, just returned from San Diego and stopped in to say thanks for stopping by and saying hi to Kathryne. :-)