Monday, January 5, 2009

Starting the new year out with a bang!

For my first featured author of the New Year, I'd like to introduce MacKenzie McKade. MacKenzie is a fabulous author who writes HOT HOT HOT stories with strong female characters and to die-for heroes. Seriously, her men are so sexy you'll be wanting to sign yourself over to one to "tie me up and do with me as you will."

I had the opportunity to talk with MacKenzie recently. Here's what she had to say.

Erin: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

MacKenzie: Outdoor Christmas lights displays. There is nothing that draws me into the holiday spirit like a show of colorful lights. The more the merrier. On Christmas Eve I load my family into the car and we drive for hours looking at all the beautiful lights. Then it’s home for some hot chocolate.

Erin: What will be your top New Year's Resolution?

MacKenzie: Boy that's hard one to answer. Along with the usual ones of eating right, working out, and losing weight, I'd have to say write more. I'd like to publish several more books in 2009.

Erin: What's in the future for Mackenzie McKade? New books in the works?

I'll be attending the Romantic Times Convention this year in April. It’s always a lot of fun. I love meeting new people and sharing my work with them.

As for upcoming books, I’m currently working on a shape-shifter story, followed by a Christmas story under contract. Then I plan on filling some of my readers’ requests by focusing on making series out of several previously released books. I haven’t made up my mind whether I’ll start with the second book in SIX FEET UNDER or FALLON’S REVENGE. Guess it’ll be a surprise for all of us.

Erin: Tell us about your next release and why YOU think we'll love it.

If you love cowboys like I do then you'll love TAKE ME AGAIN. It’s double the fun—double the pleasure. Here’s an excerpt:

TAKE ME AGAIN, Wild Oats, Book 2

Marking one’s territory was never so naughty…

Dolan Crane would love to hate the beautiful new veterinarian who’s horning in on his territory. It’s tough when the flame-haired fantasy come true makes his body burn with just a smile. The smart thing to do is forget about her, so perhaps a threesome arranged by his old college buddy is just what he needs to get her out of his head.

Divorcee Tracy Marx has followed her restless feet to Santa Ysabel to start a new practice—and maybe find someone to take her outside the boundaries of vanilla sex. Instead she finds trouble in the form of a cowboy whose dark, sexy gaze lights her up—and could also destroy any chance of success. The best thing to do is stay far, far away from him.

When Dolan shows up for the promised night of fantasy, he’s shocked to find Tracy has traded her medical bag for a leather bustier and bondage gear. Tracy would like nothing better than to slap that smirk right off Dolan’s face, but the prospect of being sandwiched between two men is impossible to resist—even if one of them is her adversary.

Besides…no one calls her chicken.

MacKenzie will be stopping by this week to chat so if you have any questions....let's hear them! (Note, she has jury duty this morning, poor woman, so she won't be in until later this afternoon).


Wall-to-wall books said...

Hi Erin, Have you walked today?
You remind me and I'll remind you!
I actually walk everyday. I watch kids before and after school and I walk them to and from school.
But I need more than that!

Mackenzie McKade said...

Hi everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Mine started with Jury Duty, but ended nicely without being chosen.

Please feel free to ask questions. I'd love to chat with you.


Karin* said...

Hey, Mac! I love jury duty! But they always dismiss me coz hubby is a retired cop. One day I wish they'd just let me be on a jury!

Karin Tabke

Mackenzie McKade said...

Hey Karin, thanks for stopping by. I've served on two juries before. It is interesting, but I'm glad I dodged selection this time.

Erin Quinn said...

Wendy, thanks for the reminder! Yes, I not only walked at lunch but then my husband and I trekked 3 miles with our dogs last night. Yay!

Erin Quinn said...

MacKenzie, I'm so glad you didn't have to do jury duty! I've been very lucky and have never been picked.

Unknown said...

Hi Erin and Mackenzie,
Just stopped by to say hello. Very nice interview. Mac I love your HOT books! Not a fan of jury duty though. Luckily for me have not been chosen.
Erin, I've started walking almost every night now. 2 of my neighbors are romance writers and they keep me motivated. So far, we're having a great time. We'll see if I still feel the same in a month.
See you both soon.

Mackenzie McKade said...

Hi Tia. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope your writing is doing well. Will I be seeing you at RT this year?

Erin, I don't know what's up with me, but this imakes twice in eighteen months I've been summoned. Luckily, I've dodged the bullet each time.


Erin Quinn said...

Hi everyone, well apparently BLOGGER was a BUGGER yesterday and it blocked comments from many of you. If that happens today, just shoot me an email with your comment and I'll post for you. MacKenzie, Linda Style and Donna Del Grosso both stopped by yesterday to say howdy but couldn't. Sorry. I guess I'm a fan repellent, :-)

And, like Tia, I love your hot books too, just in case you didn't know.

Tia, keep up the walking. They say if you walk 30 minutes every day at the end of the year you'll be 10 pounds lighter. I'm for that.

I started watching The Biggest Loser last night. I've never watched that show before. I cried for 2 hours. And then when they made 9 of them go home--that just wasn't right. A couple of them deserved to go home, maybe. But not 9.

Anyway, today, my walking is going to be on the keyboard. I need to get a book written, lol!

Thanks everyone for stopping by!

Laurie Schnebly Campbell said...

Oh, gosh, I missed the kickoff -- what a fun way to start the year! Mackenzie, congratulations on NOT having to sit through jury duty...and Erin, congratulations on getting the walks done. Whew!

Mackenzie McKade said...

Erin you're a sweetie. Thank you. I love your stories too. My gosh, doesn't everyone!!!

I think the saddest part about those that have to go home, I'm afraid they won't stick to their diets and finish what they started. That is just sad--sad--sad.

Laurie, thanks for stopping by. Happy New Years, young lady.


Wall-to-wall books said...

Erin, I have given you a blog award! Please go to my blog and check it out.

Hailey Alcaraz said...

Wendy, that is so cool! I completely missed that the first time I read. I just thought you were saying you liked my blog. Ha! Hello, I'm Erin Quinn, award winning blogger. :-)

So now do I pass on the torch to others???

Erin Quinn said...

Okay, my daughter must have used my computer and logged in under her name. That last comment was from me. (sigh)