Saturday, July 27, 2013

Five Deaths of Roxanne Love: A Page a Day (5)

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Or should.
For Santo Castillo, death would come, but not from a bullet. His beautiful face would remain intact, his gray matter safely stored in his cranium. The reaper had never taken a soul from a human that still lived, but he didn’t hesitate to do it now. He needed a body for a day, maybe less. Just long enough to find the woman who’d escaped him. The woman whose soul he’d touched, held, and lost. Just long enough to reap her and return to the Beyond.
In less than twenty-four hours Roxanne Love would die once again. Only this time he’d be there, in flesh and spirit, to make sure she stayed dead.
As Santo put the gun in his mouth once more, the reaper sat down on the table in front of him and let himself be seen. For a single, glorious moment, Santo’s terror swaddled them both, then the reaper took over and put an end to the human’s misery.

--End of Chapter 1--

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