Sunday, June 27, 2010

Writing, writing, writing....

I have been uber-productive this weekend.  I finalized the proposal on my next series--just waiting for one little piece to come back from critique and then it's off.  Yahoo to that.  I'm now set to begin on my new Haunting Book and I'm asking for help.  I need some title suggestions. 

Book One: 
Haunting Beauty
Book Two: 
Haunting Warrior
Book Three: 
Haunting Desire
Book Four: 

This is the big book that ties up all the whole series.  I know my readers are very creative so I thought I'd put it out there to you.  Have any ideas? 

Leave me a comment and I'll enter you to win one of my books--readers choice!  And if your title is chosen, I'll name a character in the book after you.  :)


Laney4 said...

Hi, Erin!
In no particular order, here goes:
Haunting Raven
Haunting Dreams
Haunting Nemesis
Haunting Challenge
Haunting Passion
Haunting Temptation
Haunting Harbor
Haunting Power
Haunting Nights
Haunting Silence
Haunting Unknown

Mizz Crow said...

Haunting Embrace.

Evocative, pulls things together.

Wall-to-wall books said...

Haunting Fulfillment
Haunting Perfection
Haunting Triumph
Haunting Insight

Of course it depends on what the story is about, but those all have something to do with ending, complete, etc.

;-) Wendy

runner10 said...

Haunting Eternity

LilMissMolly said...

Haunting Spirit.

You've got the Spirits of our ancestors who help guide us in our lives today, like your characters all have a "history" that repeats. And, there is always the national pride and "Spirit" of the Irish and the American Patriotic Spirit. So I think "Haunting Spirit" sums up the series quite well. :D

Ina said...

how about:
Haunting Destiny
Haunting Secrets
Haunting Heart
Haunting Touch

I think I like the second one most, because all your books contain secrets and hidden parts...

s7anna said...

How bout...
*Haunting Decisions
*Haunting Memories
*Haunting Darkness
*Haunting Deceptions
*Haunting Melodies
*Haunting Minds
*Haunting Violence


Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,
Haunting Dreams

Erin Quinn said...

Great suggestions everyone! Keep them coming!

robynl said...

Haunting Identity
Haunting Journey
Haunting Destination
Haunting Discovery
Haunting Hearts
Haunting Likeness
Haunting Revelation

Modokker said...

Haunting legacy

Tht's all i got lol

So many great choices by everyone else who posted.

Lisa B

robynl said...

Haunting Courage
Haunting Finale
Haunting Treasures
Haunting Bonds
Haunting Emotions
Haunting Ties

Mitzi H. said...

Haunting Magic

Haunting Legends

Haunting Lust

Haunting Phantasy

Haunting Flame

Haunting Master

robynl said...

Haunting Moments
Haunting Letters
Haunting Lovers

Ivy said...

Here's my 2cents, for what it's worth...

Haunting Surcease
Haunting Illation
Haunting Culmination

waiting impatiently.....

LilMissMolly said...

Hi Erin!
I thought of a few more:

Haunting Savior
Haunting Salvation

Laura T said...

darkHaunting Inheritance
Haunting Descent
Haunting Union
Haunting Haven
Haunting Home
Haunting Hearth
Haunting Kindred
Haunting Flesh
Haunting Succession
Haunting Posterity

Erin Quinn said...

I announced this in several places a couple of months ago, but realized I never announced HERE. Silly me.

The winner is.....MizzCrow--HAUNTING EMBRACE.

MizzCrow, please get in touch for your prizes. :)

Mizz Crow said...

I am perpetually impressed by you :-) Thank you for choosing my idea, I look forward to reading the book!