Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Welcome Nancy Henderson

I'm so pleased to be spotlighting Nancy Henderson today on my blog. Nancy is the author of historical and paranormal novels and her latest THE STRANGER IN HIS BED. As usual, I've prepared some amazing questions to learn more about Nancy!

So let's get started....

Erin: Nancy, inquiring minds want to know... What Internet site do you surf to the most?

Nancy: I'm a blog addict. I can't start the day without reading all about what my favorite authors are doing.

Erin: Okay, so your a blog lurker. I can relate. I do that too. Next up, weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Nancy: Eel. Eel soup to be exact. It was terrible. At least, I think it was terrible because I knew what it was. Perhaps if I hadn't known, it would have tasted more like chicken. LOL

Erin: For me it was snail, and I'd never actually seen a snail until years later when I lived in California. After looking at that slimy thing crawling on my window, I almost passed out. Next, what would you do if you didn’t have to work? (If you don’t have to work already, tell us what you do. J)

Nancy: Write a lot more. Or maybe procrastinate about writing a lot more!

Erin: You know, I have that fear too! If I didn't have a million things to do, would I still be doing a million things? Who knows. What is your pet peeve in traffic?

Nancy: People who don't use their turn signals. Also, all this talk about people driving while texting is beginning to scare me. I recently heard a teenager was killed locally just the other night from this. Very, very scary.

Erin: I have teenagers and it scares me every day of my life thinking that they might be doing that. Allllrighty.....let's get to the good question! Tell us about your latest release and why you think we’ll love it!

Nancy: I'm so in love with my latest historical romance, Stranger In His Bed.
Here's a blurb:
A spy for the British, Cat Sterling is used to living dangerously. Despite having a bounty on her head, she never expects to be shot in the line of duty and left for dead.

Angus French has enough problems without finding a near dead woman on his property. A Revolution was coming and British sympathizers have just burned down his tavern. The last thing he needs to do is to be caught housing a woman who's working for them.

The price on Cat's head will more than pay for the damage done to his business. He never expects Cat to see him as kindness and security, two things she's never had. And he never expects to learn that Cat has a few secrets of her own...

Thanks for reading about me and my books. Be sure to check out my website at: or my blog: I love hearing from and chatting with readers!

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Nancy Henderson said...

Erin, Thanks so much for the guest post! Snail...shudder...

s7anna said...

Hey Nancy,
Eel soup?? You are a much braver soul than I... I can't imagine going near a snail or bowl of eel soup... I'm looking forward to checking out your're a new author to this is very exciting!!!

Best of luck with your future projects.
Anna Shah Hoque

Dena said...

I enjoyed the interview, ick..eel soup. Snail ewww...I don't want to try either or; octopus, croc/gator, turtle, jellyfish, to name a few, lol. Your book sounds really good Nancy.

Nancy Henderson said...

I know, the eel soup was pretty gross. A man I used to work with made it, he caught the eels fishing and everything. It looked like cream of mushroom soup, so I actually thought it might be tasty. Then again, maybe it would have been had I not known it was eel instead of mushrooms. Never again!

Maureen said...

That was a fun interview and the book looks amazing.

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