Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Welcome Linda Style!

This month I have the extreme honor of featuring the mulit-published, award-winning, and extremely talented Linda Style. Linda's books have been nominated for numerous awards and have won both The Daphne du Maurier Award and The Orange Rose for best long contemporary of the year. For this month's contest, Linda will be giving away a signed SET of three Cold Case novels and I'll throw in a a beautiful Irish Artesian necklace AND a $10 Amazon gift card. Check out my contest page for more information at

Linda's latest release, THE MISTAKE SHE MADE is getting rave reviews: "THE MISTAKE SHE MADE is a fabulous romance.... Fans will relish this second chance at life between the accuser and the accused."

I had the pleasure of asking Linda some of deep and personal questions. Read more to find out her deepest, darkest secrets....

Erin: Linda, If you could have your choice, what superpower would you like to have? (or, What super hero would you like to be (cat woman or wonder woman, etc)

Linda: I would like the power to transport myself in time to any place I wanted to go. That way I could travel everywhere, see history in the making, hang out with people I admire and see if our history books and novels even come close to reality. If I could be a Super hero, I'd pick Wonder Woman for sure. I have a tiny little Wonder Woman character on my desk that was given to me by some very good writer friends to remind me of the strength within, something writers need every once in a while.

Erin: Great answer. I, too, would love to travel back and see just what it was like in other times. However, I would like to take my coffee maker and bathtub with me..... Next question: On a bad hair day do you reach for a scrunchi or a cap?

Linda: Neither -- I reach for the clip.

Erin: Boxers or briefs?

Linda: Boxers on me, bikini briefs on him

Erin: Ah, very wise woman. I like. :-) So tell us, Linda, what is your most embarrassing moment?

Linda: Accidentally spraying too much perfume on myself and meeting an editor in the elevator at a conference. The look on her face wasn't good. I actually made my first sale to her later, so maybe I made an impression. :-)

Erin: LOL. Well at least it was a memorable meeting. Mine usually involve me with cocktail sauce on my boob and a stupid look on my face. sigh. Ok, you side stepped that one beautifully, but how about this one? Who would be on your "safe list" for sex? (Meaning, even though you’re married, you could still have sex with this one famous person if the opportunity ever arose.)

Linda: Hugh Jackman immediately comes to mind. Hey, maybe I could get a book deal out of it later. Might as well think ahead. :-)

Erin: I'm sure we were sisters in another life. We've already talked about the infamous "washing his chest with a bucket of water" scene from Australia. OMG. Can you imagine being married to such a man? I'd be a basket case over all the woman lusting after him.

Okay, finally, a book question—favorite hero you’ve ever written. Why?

Linda: I love all my heroes! That's like having to pick which of your children is your favorite. But, okay...if I have to... the hero in my most recent book is always first and foremost in my mind...and right now, that's Lincoln Crusoe in THE MISTAKE SHE MADE. He's just been released from jail, has amnesia and he's got issues. He's a complicated man, intense, intriguing, a man without a past...and yet, he's vulnerable. That quality in a strong man goes right to my heart.

Erin: Sigh...I like him already. This sounds like a GREAT book! Tell us more about THE MISTAKE SHE MADE and why YOU think we’ll love it.

Linda: THE MISTAKE SHE MADE is about a woman and the man she wrongly accused of rape. Lincoln Crusoe spent ten years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. When DNA proves he's innocent, Tori Amhearst is horrified. She has to make it right. But that's easier said than done. It's a complex plot with complex characters who despite tragic, life altering circumstances fight to have the life they so deserves. Figuring out a way they could do this--with each other--was a true writer's challenge. The Romantic Times Book Club gave it a 4.5 Star review, saying "Style offers an original story and wonderfully compelling characters. Linc is attractive in both his strength and his need, while Tori is remarkably complex in her desire to overcome her past."

Erin: Wow, I got chills over that. It's so timely too. I just read an article a few weeks ago about a man and woman who had the exact same situation--she falsely accused him of rape and he served time only to be proven innocent. They are now friends and have written a book together. I don't think it will have the HEA that your story does, but it's such a fascinating scenario.

Linda, thank you so much for stopping by! I can't wait to read THE MISTAKE SHE MADE!


Susan Lanier-Graham said...

What a great interview with fun and great info on your new release, Linda. I can't wait to read it.

Shannon Robinson said...

Hi ladies - what a wonderful interview. Great questions Erin and love the answers, Linda!
THE MISTAKE SHE MADE has totally caught my attention! With just the short blurbs you gave on it, I'm hooked - is this a WIP? Does it have a release date? I'm over to your website, right after I sign up for Erin's contest!

Erin Quinn said...

I should have left the publication information--in fact, going to update right now. Here is the url for amazon:

Linda Style said...

Hey, Susan. Nice to "see" you here. Erin asks great questions, doesn't she. I should've said that since I'm not married, my fantasy men wouldn't be a problem. ;-)

Take care,

Linda Style said...

Thank you, Shannon. I'm so glad you like the blurbs. No...the book is not a WIP, it's done and comes out on the 14th of April, just right around the corner.

Come on over to my website anyway and enter my contest. You'll have a double chance of winning the same set of Cold Cases: LA books. :-)


Erin Quinn said...

Plus I've now linked up the title to so you can order THE MISTAKE SHE MADE.

Ann Voss Peterson said...

What a fun interview! Thanks, Erin.

I can't wait to read the book, Linda.

Pamela Tracy said...

Looks like a great book. I can hardly wait to read it. I loved your Justice book. This one, if possible, looks even better.

Sheila Seabrook said...

What an awesome sounding story, Linda. I've got my eye on the calendar. Only 6 days till THE MISTAKE SHE MADE is released!

Donna Del Grosso said...

Awesome interview Ladies! Very down to earth. Linda, your book sounds very intriguing. What an idea!
It's nice to get to know you a little better.

Julie Robinson said...

Hi Linda!

You have a very interesting plot concept. As a rape crisis phone counselor for the past 17 years, I would be very interested in reading your story. All the Harl. SuperRomances are heartwarming stories.

Am I entered in your Grand Prize drawing if I pre-ordered the book a while back and sent you an email with my receipt?



Pat McDermott said...

Great interview, ladies. Reading even a tad about The Mistake She Made captured my interest right away. Best of luck with the release, Linda!

Linda Style said...

Thanks, Ann, Pamela, Sheila, Donna, Julie and Pat. Great to see you all and thanks for stopping by.

If you get a chance, enter the contest on my website, too.

Only 5 days now, Sheila. :-)

Have a great day!

Julie Robinson said...

Okay, Linda. I'm entered. Your title for those 3 books catches my attention because I love to watch Cold Case Files on t.v.

Have a great day.

Susan Vaughan said...

What a fun interview, Linda. Can't wait to read the new book.

Erin Quinn said...

Linda, you are so popular! Thanks everyone for coming by to talk.

Julie, yes you are entered. I sent you a note...did you not receive it? Let me know, k?

Everyone, don't forget to enter this months contest for Linda's books by going to and clicking on contest. PLUS Linda is running a contest on her site as well, so enter both to double your chances of winning.

Linda Style said...

Thanks for dropping in Susan... and Julie again. I love the cold case TV series, too. My books were actually purchased before the show came on the air, so I was a little ahead of the game. Funny how some ideas just click at a particular time. Some other fun stuff --- my April book was on the Today Show this morning. Check it out at

You could actually read my name on the book cover. :-) The good thing, romance sales are up.

Take care, all, and thanks so much for having me here, Erin. This is fun.


Erin Quinn said...

Linda, that is SOOOO cool that you were on national TV--well your fabulous book anyway. Nice long shot. This is really your month, girl. I predict record sales!

Kathryne Kennedy said...

Woohoo! I'm not to late. :} Great interview as usual Erin. It's great to find out more about Linda. And Linda, your book sounds fantastic. Wishing you tons of sales!

Linda Style said...

Hi Kathryne,

Thanks for stopping by and for the good wishes. It's been a busy month since I'm on RWAs Ask an Author all week to talk about conflict in our stories. Fun stuff.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Julie Robinson said...

I hate to sound ignorant, but I am. What is Ask an Author? I tried to google it, but didn't really come up with anything.
(still learning the ropes)

Linda Style said...

Hi Julie,

Sorry, I should have explained. I always forget that not everyone is a member or Romance Writers of America. AAA is an online group sponsored by the Romance Writers of America, in which published authors donate a week of time to answer questions for other authors, unpublished and unpublished. Anyone who is an RWA member can join the group and ask questions.

Sorry I wasn't clear.

Have a great Wednesday!

Linda Style said...

Sheesh -- that should have been "published and unpublished".

Bad fingers!

Julie Robinson said...

"unpublished and unpublished"

That's be me!

I went to the RWA site, logged in, and still didn't see it. Is it a yahoo group? Or is there a link? It's probably staring right at me and I just didn't see it.

Erin Quinn said...

LOL. Too funny.