Sunday, November 9, 2008

That was fun!

Thanks to everyone who commented on the interview with Calista Fox. Calista is one of my favorite people so I'm really glad you all had fun with the interview and her Oh-So-Clever answers.

November has unfolded much as September and October did--crazy busy. I keep thinking one of these days it will slow down, but so far, no such luck! But I continue to hope.

Yesterday I was honored to be invited to the Queen Creek Library Grand Opening celebration as one of the authors autographing my books. What a beautiful facility! It was a fun day and I met lots of readers. I really wanted to take some pictures, but my kid made off with my camera and I left me without. sigh. And yes, she does have her own camera--she just couldn't find it.


Caffey said...

Erin, do you do signings in your area as well as travel for book signings? Do you think you might be for the 2009 book?

I have gone to a couple of signings that were a few hours from me (There were two maybe in the last few years here so a couple I knew of, I drove a few hours to since i hate to fly). I always forget the camera as well as get nervous and freeze on what I want to say (no problem typing here, LOL)

Erin Quinn said...

Hi Cathie, absolutely I will be doing signings for the new book. Travel is a definite maybe. It depends on where and when since the burden of expense is mine for that type of thing. Where are you located?